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American Conquest: Fight Back (Expansion) (PC)

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Externa recensioner om American Conquest: Fight Back (Expansion) (PC)
  • Can it successfully combine realism and fun?

    American Conquest: Fight Back is still a solid game which manages to combine RTS realtime tactics with wargame strategy satisfyingly. Unfortunately, the wargame complexity requires a certain degree of unit and structure-building micromanagement which will appeal more to the dedicated RTS player or wargamer, rather than someone looking for a fun genre game that distinguishes itself with an additional layer of realism. The package never completely gels into a consistently entertaining and satisying experience. Also, we noticed that registration for online games was in German, which kind of puts a crimp in that.

    Score details
    Presentation (8.5/10)
    You'll get a boat-load of missions, but the awkward tutorial will leave you hanging, and the historical background is largely long-winded.
    Graphics (7/10)
    Being able to rotate the camera and zoom in and out by degrees would have been quite useful for managing huge amounts of troops; units can get lost in the shuffle
    Sound (8/10)
    Very realistic combat noise, but the music isn't too stirring and there isn't enough environmental sound.
    Gameplay (7.5/10)
    Adding morale, shot power and other elements is refreshingly unique, but there's a steeper learning curve and some annoying micromanagement/babysitting.
    Lasting Appeal (8/10)
    The learning curve and wargame depth make it an ill fit for the casual gamer, but those grown tired of the usual RTS cliches should find it rewarding--after carefully going over the manual.

    18 år sedan
  • Cry uncle and let slip the dogs of bore.