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Rotel RCD-06

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  • Rotel RCD-06 review


    • Superb timing

      Good detail

      Budget price


    • Slightly thin midband

      Mildly confusing remote

    Rotel maintains its high standards in a player with the timing skills of a master but a surprisingly low price

    14 år sedan
  • Rotel RCD-06

    A well-executed design with many plus-points, but rivals deliver a more spacious and better-focused sound

    14 år sedan
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    Rotel RCD-06 SE CD Player Review

    The bug struck me late 2003. I was at a bookstore looking through magazines when a cover lured me in with its display of speakers and amps and CD players – the components of the year as judged by that audio publication. Thumbing through it, I was astonished by the number of manufacturers represented that I had never heard of. My jaw also dropped looking at the price tags of much of the featured equipment. Certainly it would be sweet to have 50K (or more) to drop on a system but my budget was more modest. I bought the mag, took it home and studied it for probably two months, getting familiar with the various players in the audiophile world. I remember among the editors' budget recommendations was a CD player from Rotel – the RCD-1072 – that was praised ...