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Klipsch Reference RF-63

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Externa recensioner om Klipsch Reference RF-63
  • Performance: 4/5
    Value: 4/5

    High Points:

    • ? The RF-63 offers a well-balanced sound that utilizes its very good midrange and bass to properly complement its detailed, crispy top end.
    • ? The RF-63 sounds great at high volumes, and can fill a large room with ease.
    • ? The RF-63 doesn't require high power to perform optimally.

    Low Points:

    • ? The RF-63's top end got a little too hot and mildly took over the presentation on the occasional track.
    • ? The RF-63's midrange exhibited some honkiness and sounded a shade thin overall.
    • ? The RF-63 is big (and heavy), which exacerbates its aggressive look when grill-less.

    The Klipsch RF-63 achieves an impressive level of overall performance, with lots of versatility and a controlled sonic profile that maximizes the strengths of horns while minimizing their weaknesses. The design's speedy midrange and tight, extended bass mate very well, and provide a perfect complement to the sizzling top end. The RF-63's overall sonic profile is musical, appealing, and never offensive or drawn too far in any one direction. On top of all that, it comes in two beautiful finishes, is built very solidly, and is priced very reasonably given its attributes. At $2k per pair, they represent an excellent value and deserve a serious audition. Additional Resources

    11 år sedan