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Fractal Design Core 1000 (Svart)

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  • Fractal Design Core 1000 review

    A great budget case for smaller motherboards, but room for further expansion is limited

    7 år sedan
  • Fractal Design CORE 1000


    • Great price
    • All black interior
    • White Fractal Design accents still there
    • Plenty of space for large PSUs
    • Possibility to install long graphics cards as long as the power connector leads out back
    • 5.25 inch to 3.5 inch adapter included
    • 3.5 inch hard drive rubber mounted
    • Thumb screws for external drives and expansion slots
    • One silent fan included
    • Well placed spot for side cooling
    • Adequate quality for the price range


    • Only two external drive bays
    • Only two or three internal drive bays
    • Limited CPU cooler clearance
    • Side mounted I/O
    • No hole under the mainboard tray
    • Most long graphics cards have side mounted power connectors - hard drives will get in the way
    • No real cable management possibilities

    The Fractal Design CORE 1000 ventures into a territory where cases like the Elite series from Cooler Master or the Asgard chassis from Xigmatek reign supremely. When comparing the case to the Asgard line, the CORE 1000 has a few obvious shortcomings, which may turn away some system integrators. The biggest drawback is clearly the number of drive bays, as this is an area where both the Elite and Asgard cases manage to offer much more. On the other hand, the CORE 1000 utilizes thumb screws, while the Elite cases only offer traditional ones and the Asgard falls back to fairly useless plastic mechanisms. On top of that, there is no hole in the mainboard tray to allow for easy CPU cooler exchange.

    8 år sedan