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Intel Core i3 2100 3,1GHz Socket 1155 Box

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Externa recensioner om Intel Core i3 2100 3,1GHz Socket 1155 Box
  • Intel Core i3 2100


    • Excellent performance for light threaded applications
    • Low power consumption
    • Runs at low temperatures
    • Decent integrated graphics from Intel HD 2000
    • Hyperthreading support
    • Affordable
    • Good price and performance ratio


    • Cannot compete against quad cores in heavily threaded applications
    • Lacks AES-NI support
    • Limited overclocking potential

    Score Details

    • Performance: 8
    • Value: 9
    • Quality: 9
    • Features: 8
    • Innovation: 9

    Do not be fooled by the $124 pricing of the Core i3 2100. The processor is not a sloth. While it is not able to compete against a true quad-core when it comes to heavily threaded application, thanks to hyperthreading, it is more than capable in lightly-threaded applications, often coming out above AMD quad core processors. The processor is in direct competition against the AMD Phenom II X4 and Athlon II X4, often excelling in lightly threaded tasks. In most basic applications such as web-browsing, word processing, and media streaming, the Core i3 2100 is more than enough, and comes on top. The only area where the processor cannot compete is in thread-intensive applications such as video encoding and 3D rendering, where the quad-core processors still have an edge. The processor does face some competition because the AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE can be purchased for $20 more and the Phenom II X4 840 costs $20 less. For those who need extra power and often use heavily threaded application, we would suggest buying true quad-core processor. However, for those who simply need a budget system for lightly-threaded applications, the Intel Core i3 2100 is a very capable processor. The processor is ideal for a budget system or HTPC because of its low power consumption and heat output. Pairing this up with an Intel H67 chipset motherboard would be a good combination, especially since Intel’s integrated HD 2000 graphics are decent enough to handle the graphical requirements and video decoding thanks to Quick Sync and AVX extension.

    10 år sedan
  • Intel Core i3 2100 review


    • GPU overclocking
    • Price


    • No CPU overclocking
    • Gaming performance

    Low end system builders may love it, but whether the home user will build a system around it is a bit doubtful.

    10 år sedan
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    AMD FX Vs. Intel Core i3: Exploring Game Performance With Cheap GPUs

    Following our sub-$200 gaming CPU comparison, we put Intel's Core i3-2100 and AMD's FX-4100 under the microscope. This time, we test a number of different graphics cards from AMD to see how GPUs affect perceived processor bottlenecks.

    9 år sedan
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    Intel Core i3 2100 Sandy Bridge

    Up to this point when looking at the Intel Sandy Bridge performance and compatibility under Linux we have been using the Intel Core i5 2500K and Intel Core i7 2820QM. Last week though we received the Core i3 2100 (along with a Core i7 990X) from Intel and today are putting the low-end ~$125 USD Sandy Bridge processor through its paces under Linux.