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Fujitsu P23T-6 IPS

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Externa recensioner om Fujitsu P23T-6 IPS
  • As promised by the manufacturer, the Fujitsu P23T-6 is suitable for graphics work and CAD. The very good grey values and consistently high contrast of more than 1000:1 in particular perform convincingly in this area. In addition, it delivers a very good representation of the sRGB colour space, even without calibration, which should be important for price-conscious users, since these will generally not calibrate the monitor. The sRGB colour space is almost entirely covered.
    In other areas, the monitor also performs well. The input lag is less than one frame per second, so most gamers should also be satisfied; only absolute hardcore gamers should seek out an even faster monitor with a TN panel. Unfortunately, the image construction time is considerably longer than the promised value of 5 ms. Purely subjectively, the image construction time measured (30 ms) could not be confirmed. Fast-paced games run in a satisfactory manner.
    The interpolation is also good; only 1:1 display is not possible. Thanks to its 16:9 format, good viewing angle and hardly visible light patches, it is also very suitable for watching films. However, when it comes to deinterlacing, it performs poorly and there is no HDMI connection.
    The Fujitsu P23T-6 is only available in a matte white colour and may not suit every taste, but it offers a good alternative to the otherwise dominant black models on the market. The manufacturing quality is good and the ergonomic functions are also convincing, but the base should have been heavier in order to ensure that it does not lift up when the screen is being turned into pivot mode.
    The 0 watts power consumption promised in standby mode could be confirmed in our test, meaning that there is no need to switch the monitor off using a button. In normal usage, only about 20 or 30 watts are consumed depending on the settings.
    Currently, the monitor costs slightly more than 300 Euro and is thus a good all-round model for price-conscious users who would like to cover all areas of application. In any case, the price/performance ratio is outstanding.

    9 år sedan