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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Hardened Edition (PS3)

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Externa recensioner om Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Hardened Edition (PS3)
  • It's set to be one of the biggest selling games of all time. Is it one of the greatest?

    When you look at the total package, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is hands-down one of the best first-person shooters out there, and a truly amazing offering across any system. With that being said, our score comes with a disclaimer. For those planning to check out everything Modern Warefare 2 has to offer – online competition, full co-op Spec Ops mode, as well as the campaign – you’re looking at a no-brainer purchase. For the strictly single player crowd, however, Modern Warfare 2 is surprisingly short, and doesn’t live up to the standard set by previous Call of Duty games. The campaign can be completed in as little as four and a half hours, and the missions make better scenarios and moment-to-moment adrenaline rushes than they do a cohesive, well-told story. If you’re going solo, you’ve officially been warned. Look at the complete Modern Warfare 2 experience though, and there’s no denying its rightful place at the top.

    Score details
    Presentation (8.5/10)
    The graphical presentation is great, but campaign’s storytelling needs work. Single player is short, and doesn’t entirely live up to the Call of Duty standard.
    Graphics (10/10)
    What was already an impressive graphical engine has only improved over the last two years. More effects, grander environments, and a truly spectacular overall visual offering.
    Sound (10/10)
    Along with graphical design, Modern Warfare 2’s audio is upped substantially. Authentic weapon sounds and more in-game chatter mix with a beautiful adaptive score by Hans Zimmer.
    Gameplay (9/10)
    There’s no single AC-130 “wow” moment in single player, but it’s fun throughout. Special Ops mode and multiplayer are must-play, and completely make the package.
    Lasting Appeal (10/10)
    While campaign is short, Spec Ops mode is an awesome addition to the package. Multiplayer is stronger than ever, and truly limitless in replay value.

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