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Klipsch Synergy F-1 (st)

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  • Performance: 4/5
    Value: 4/5

    High Points:

    • The F-1 offers a dynamic, driving sound that delivers best with rock and electronic material.
    • The F-1 sounds good at high volumes, and could fill some medium sized rooms.
    • The F-1 doesn't require high power to perform optimally.

    Low Points:

    • The F-1's top end was too hot overall, its midrange lacked body,speed and coherence, and its bass needed more tightness and impact.
    • The F-1 didn't sound particularly musical, with the negatives of itsindividual parts detracting too much from the presentation and robbingit of overall coherence.
    • The F-1 only comes in Black, and looks a little aggressive when grill-less.

    The Klipsch F-1 offers some interesting features like bi-wiring
    capability and a slim profile with a contemporary look, but its overall
    sound lets it down. The F-1 just didn't sound very coherent - you hear
    a certain collection of sounds, not a synergistic piece of music. This
    is due to the individual flaws of various frequency sections, and the
    design's inability to satisfactorily bring together the hot tweeter,
    shallow midrange, and thumping bass to deliver enough musicality for a
    recommendation. On the positive side, it plays loud, sounds good enough
    with rock and electronic material, looks nice, and is put together
    well. But if you need something a little bit more, other products in
    the category might offer a better fit.Additional Resources• Read more floorstanding loudspeaker reviews from• Look for smaller speaker solutions in the Bookshelf Speaker section.

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