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Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 16GB

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GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab från Samsung är en surfplatta inte helt olik Ipad 3G. Skillnaden är att Samsung laddat sin med Android-OS (2.2 Froyo) samt att den har en betydligt mindre 7-tumsskärm. Naturligtvis kan den koppla upp mot trådlösa nätverk, men det går även att ringa med den. Lanserad 2010. Stäng
GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab från Samsung är en surfplatta inte helt olik Ipad 3G. Skillnaden är att Samsung laddat sin med Android-OS (2.2 Froyo) samt att den har en betydligt mindre 7-tu... Läs mer
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  • PC för Alla: Liten Tab ger Ipad en match

    Samsung Galaxy Tab är en riktigt trevlig 7-tums surfplatta som är grym på film, men inte helt optimal för att surfa med.

    10 år sedan
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    10 år sedan
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab (AT&T)


    • Bright, high-res screen
    • Not locked into contract
    • Attractive design
    • Tablet-optimized apps included


    • 2GB monthly data cap
    • Slow connection speeds in NYC
    • No mobile hotspot feature

    10 år sedan
  • Good points
    Small; supports Flash; doubles as a phone

    Bad points
    Overpriced; Android is poor on tablets; lack ofdecent software

    10 år sedan
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet

    A big Android smartphone… or a small tablet, the choice is yours.

    10 år sedan
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab review


    • Nice size
    • Solid build
    • Android 2.2
    • Excellent connectivity


    • Laggy performance
    • Weak battery
    • Poor camera
    • Lack of optimisations

    10 år sedan
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab review

    The first serious challenge to the iPad puts up a good fight, but holes in Android’s armour counter its technical prowess

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab


    • Very portable
    • high quality Android 2.2 tablet with 3G data.


    • Expensive
    • especially without a contract. And who wants yet another phone contract?

    ConclusionThe Samsung Galaxy Tab is one sexy gadget. To play with it is to want it. That said, it's not cheap, and the Sprint and T-Mobile versions add yet another contract to your life. Is the Tab worth it? If you want the best Android tablet on the market, then it is.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab - Galactic Adventure!

    ConclusionSamsung's Galaxy Tab may be one of the first big name efforts to compete with Apple's iPad, and the unit doesn't let you down. During our review period with this tablet, we found ourselves easily setting aside the much heavier and larger iPad in favor of this much smaller and compact device. However, the Tab still has a long way to go to show that it can dethrone the iPad, mainly because of the Android OS that the tablet uses. Froyo works great for smartphones but let's be fair here, it's not meant for use with tablets. The upcoming Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and Honeycomb (possibly Android 3.0) will have support for larger resolution screens (up to 1366 x 768) and be more tablet friendly. Honeycomb is supposedly being designed for tablets, but how will this affect Chrome OS development which in our opinion seems more like a tablet friendly operating system, is not quite clear at this point of time. In the Galaxy Tab's favor however, it's a great gadget to carry around. It's snappy, it's fast, and the screen is great for reading or watching movies. You can make phone calls too with this device, though we really, really don't suggest getting this as a replacement for your smartphone, unless you are willing to always wear a Bluetooth headset around on your head. At the end of the day, if you don't already own a tablet device, then the Samsng Galaxy Tab is one to consider. It's definitely a different machine compared to the Apple iPad, and one that stands out on its own. Given that other manufacturers too are announcing their own versions of an Android tablet, it may be a good idea to play the "wait and see" game, but Samsung's Galaxy Tab strikes us as the one to get for now if you need a handy one. Well, till the next batch of Honeycomb-based tablets arrive.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab review

    Conclusion Samsung has set itself an nearly impossible task, to divert some attention from the highly refined Apple iPad, and has certainly succeeded. Whether coldly scanning the bare spec sheet, or after weighing up the pros and cons after spending some time actually playing with both devices, we can’t help conclude that the iPad is the more intuitive, easy to use and sense-exciting product. In the Tab’s favour, the smaller slate will slip into a handbag a little easier, and it includes better telecoms, at least for voice chatting over a GSM network.

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

    Hardware Secrets Silver Award


    • Some applications do not look good on the screen (Android 2.2 has not been optimized for tablets)
    • Lack of AMOLED screen
    • Average quality camera
    • Heavy sites in Flash format are slow to load
    • Battery not accessible
    • Lacks cell phone support
    • Lacks digital TV support

    We had some very good things to say about the Samsung Galaxy Tab during our tests. The tablet from Samsung is fast, the screen is sharp and bright, the device is effective in multitasking and its size is ideal to carry around in pockets and purses.Strong PointsAndroid interface is excellentThe screen is bright and colorfulIt is easy to download and watch videos and listen to musicLots of applications at Android MarketIt is portable, lightweight, and has comfortable sizeFlash Support (allows you to watch videos online)Support for multiple file formatsResistantFastEfficient multitaskingExcellent connectivityWeak PointsSome applications do not look good on the screen (Android 2.2 has not been optimized for tablets)Lack of AMOLED screenAverage quality cameraHeavy sites in Flash format are slow to loadBattery not accessibleLacks cell phone supportLacks digital TV supportIf Android OS and portability are a priority, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the ideal choice.

    9 år sedan
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab review

    We wanted to like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, hoping it would have all the strengths of the Pad, but none of its weaknesses. We loved its slender, lightweight and attractive design. The microSD card slot is undeniably useful. The bundled apps, although rough around the edges, allow you to get real work done. Unfortunately, the sluggishness of the touchscreen interface, as well as some badly designed features such as copy and paste, can make the Tab infuriatingly frustrating to use, especially when compared to the iPad. It’s all the more frustrating given the Tab’s powerful 1GHz processor and ample RAM.

    You may be nonetheless still be tempted by the Tab’s slender and lightweight build, but we can’t recommend it wholeheartedly - especially as it’s no cheaper than the 16GB 3G iPad. We’d recommend waiting for a software update, perhaps the upcoming Android 3.0 Gingerbread operating system due next year, to fix the Tab’s software issues before buying. If you must have a tablet now, the iPad is still better, despite its own flaws.

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    Test: Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Trevligt format, bra skärm.
    Rekommenderas till
    Dig som är sugen på en surfplatta med Android och är beredd att betala för det.

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    10 år sedan