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The Thin Red Line - Criterion Collection (US)

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Externa recensioner om The Thin Red Line - Criterion Collection (US)
  • High-Def Digest

    The Movie Itself: 10/10
    HD Video Quality: 10/10
    HD Audio Quality: 10/10
    Supplements: 10/10
    High-Def Extras: 0/10

    'The Thin Red Line' is in the running for "Blu-ray release of the year." The movie itself is a marvelously beautiful meditation on the psychic toll of battle, a movie that challenges all of your preconceived notions of what a "war movie" is. Terrence Malick, after two decades of absence, created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is still being puzzled after more than ten years later. The video is an all-time high for the format, and the audio is just about as good. The special features are voluminous and wondrous ? a peek behind-the-scenes on one of the most infamous and speculated-about productions in Hollywood history that still, amazingly, maintains the film's alluring mystique. I cannot recommend this release enough. It deserves a place on any film fanatic's shelf ? one that will give your audio and video set-up a dexterous workout while also challenging your personal beliefs and notions. War may be hell, but 'The Thin Red Line' is heavenly.

    10 år sedan