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Aliens of the Deep

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Externa recensioner om Aliens of the Deep
  • Video: 4/10
    Audio: 7/10
    Extras: 1/10
    Film value: 7/10

    I liked "Aliens of the Deep"; it had a lot of surprises and wonders along the way that were well worth the time I spent watching both versions of the film. James Cameron and his crew provide provocative narratives as well as layman´s explanations for the scientific and other technical processes performed in the film. The video, while somewhat lacking in quality, isn´t a big enough problem to warrant a demerit. The audio I found above average, with an unexpectedly good soundtrack, another testament to the film´s quality. The one downside I did find with the film was its surprising lack of special features. Still, I´m not sure the trade-off of having both the theatrical and extended version of the film for zero special features is a good one. Personally, I would liked to have had the extended version with at least a few special features. An audio commentary with James Cameron, some interviews with the scientists, even some still shots from the expedition not seen in the film would have been better than nothing. However, the film stands on its own two feet and should be judged as such.

    14 år sedan