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Microsoft Kinect (Xbox 360)

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Microsoft Kinect är en spelkontroll med vilken du kan styra Xbox via kroppsrörelser, handgester, till och med med hjälp av rösten. Kinect använder sig av kamera med djupsensor, mikrofon. Passar alla Xbox 360 och fungerar med alla Kinect-förberedda spel. Lanserad november 2010. Stäng
Microsoft Kinect är en spelkontroll med vilken du kan styra Xbox via kroppsrörelser, handgester, till och med med hjälp av rösten. Kinect använder sig av kamera med djupsensor, mi... Läs mer
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Externa recensioner om Microsoft Kinect (Xbox 360)
  • Inget betyg

    Oerhört coolt. Oväntat välfungerande. Grym filmstyrning.

    Kräver rejält utrymme. Högt pris. Tunt spelutbud än så länge.

    Kinect är definitivt ett fantastiskt coolt tillbehör som gång på gång förvånar oss hur bra det fungerar och vi hoppas verkligen att det etableras bland både spelare och utvecklare.

    Form/design: 6/10
    Funktioner: 8/10
    Användarvänlighet: 8/10
    Prisvärde: 6/10

    8 år sedan
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect

    Xbox motion control without a controller.

    8 år sedan
  • Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 review


    • Easy to set up
    • One purchase
    • Voice control works
    • Bags of potential


    • Pricey
    • Lag is an issue
    • Requires lots of space
    • Weak launch games

    8 år sedan
  • Kinect Review


      Full-body motion controller, Great for workouts and parties, Slick-looking, Voice controls, It's made of


      Requires a ginormous space, Lag and occasionally unresponsive, Hover-and-hold interface takes too long, Controller is usually faster, Can I sit down and play, please?

    ConclusionDon't look at the "B" grade for the Kinect at face value - that's only the grade as it is now. It will take time before developers, Microsoft included, gain enough experience with the device to create games and interfaces that are better suited and more polished for it. Perhaps the Kinect can introduce a button controller in conjunction with the full-body scanner, combining the physicality of its motion controls and the instant accuracy of a button press. Beyond the realm of blind optimism, I have every confidence that the Kinect will become an 'A'-range device. It just needs some lovin'.

  • Inget betyg
    Kinect for Xbox 360


    • You become the controller
    • Plenty of good games at launch
    • Easy to set-up and install


    • You'll need a big lounge
    • You'll need to be happy making a fool of yourself in your lounge

    Conclusion It’s incredibly early days for the Kinect (yes we know at the time of writing it’s not actually out in the UK), but already the games available show the potential of what is in store for the new motion tracking accessory on your Xbox 360. Any doubts you have about the technology are unfounded. We've had no problem with the set-up and control functionality of the Kinect in our home, with the experience coming across to some we've shown as "magical".However, there are two key factors you have to accept before you dive head first into this new gaming experience. The first is the question we started with: do you have a big enough lounge in which to play? As we found we weren’t able to benefit from all the features without moving our sofa - without moving our sofa we could only play Kinect Adventures one player rather than two.The second is that if you do have a big enough lounge you will have to agree to making a fool of yourself in your home, either strutting your stuff in Dance Central, punching and kicking your way to fitness in Your Shape Fitness Evolved, or lying on the floor getting a cat to mimic you on screen? And that’s before you decide to run the 100m in Kinect Sports.If the answer is yes to both of those, then we can’t see anything stopping you from getting Kinect for the Xbox 360. You really will love it.It sounds cliche, but Kinect really is a truly revolutionary way of interacting with your games console (it's far better than Sony's EyeToy), and we are really looking forward to seeing what games come next. Star Wars with its force push looks really interesting. Kinect shows that the future of gaming can be without buttons, as long as you’ve got a big enough lounge to enjoy it in.