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Skate 3 (PS3)

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  • Skatingupplevelsen
    Tveksamt soundtrack
    Kan bli frustrerande
    Inte något nytt för rutinerade

    9 år sedan
  • More of the same good thing but with few features to call its own.

    Skate 3 is by no means a disappointing addition to the series, but those who sunk their cash into last year’s Skate 2 really don’t have much of a reason to take the plunge here. Thankfully the gameplay is still the most impressive virtual representation of skateboarding around and the new audio treatment will delight fans of the series. And I suppose if you were starved for cooperative online team play, then this edition will quench your thirst, but if it’s a truly revolutionary and progressive sequel you’re looking for, Skate 3 doesn’t fit the bill.

    Score details
    Presentation (8/10)
    Skate 3 gives players the ability to warp around the world, either online or off, with ease thanks to its menus. Tutorials are well built and Jason Lee nails the My Name Is Earl character yet again.
    Graphics (7.5/10)
    Models lack a certain level of detail, the physics are wonky at times, and the framerate can be erratic. Still, animations are satisfying and the game looks generally good.
    Sound (9/10)
    The soundtrack is nicely crafted with a good range of tunes, Jason Lee brings the laughs and little touches like the verbose PA announcer during contests are great.
    Gameplay (8/10)
    It’s still the best skateboarding you’ll find in videogames, but those who have followed the series might want to wait for a bigger step forward.
    Lasting Appeal (8/10)
    There’s certainly plenty to do, but some questionable design decisions make for some unneeded moments of frustration and gameplay that degrades to simple trial and error.

    9 år sedan
  • Another entertaining sequel that not only refines the flick-it formula, but builds on every aspect that made its predecessors great.

  • Skate 3 Review


      Ambitious online play, Deep clan support


      Performance issues, Heavily limited competition areas, Flawed team events

    ConclusionWith Skate 2 released just a little over a year ago, it’s clear that Skate 3 was pumped out too quickly. The ideas are great, but the lack of polish is evident with every flip, flop, and flub. The tricks haven’t been tweaked much at all since Skate 2, and the technical issues and over-ambitious online play suggest that Skate 3 is reaching too far too fast. After seeing the venerable Tony Hawk Pro Skater series sink to lower and lower depths, it’s a disappointingly familiar sight seeing another skating series follow in its footsteps. But the real shame is that the Skate series never had a chance to reach its full potential before its steady decline.

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