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Nintendo Wii

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Nintendo Wii släpptes 2006 och var tidigt ute med rörelsekänsliga handkontroller och trådlös Internetuppkoppling. Wii har blivit populär i vidare kretsar än vanligt i tv-spelsvärlden med spel som Wii Fit och We love Golf, men klassiker som Super Mario Bros och FIFA finns också till tv-spelskonsolen. Genom Internetuppkopplingen går det att köpa och ladda ned äldre Nintendospel och spela dem på Wii-konsolen. Stäng
Nintendo Wii släpptes 2006 och var tidigt ute med rörelsekänsliga handkontroller och trådlös Internetuppkoppling. Wii har blivit populär i vidare kretsar än vanligt i tv-spelsvärl... Läs mer
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Externa recensioner om Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Wii


    • Easy to use and understand
    • Innovative gameplay
    • Great for families, large groups, and non-gamers
    • Requires more physical activity than typical video gaming


    • Poor graphics, especially on large-screen HDTVs
    • Controller style can be irritating, depending on the game
    • Doesn't play DVDs

    While it's relatively inexpensive and perhaps even more innovative than competing consoles, the Nintendo Wii is best for families with small children, or those who like to game in groups. For everyone else, be an adult and get an adult console.

    9 år sedan
  • Home Theater Mag

    Build Quality: 8.6/10
    • Thin, white plastic housing; Sensor Bar feels downright fragile

    • Almost impossibly compact design, owing partly to an external power brick

    Value: 9.5/10
    • Although it lacks DVD/high-def-video playback like some others, it is priced to move

    • No hard drive, but did I mention it's only $250?

    Features: 9/10
    • A variety of channels put games, info, friends, and new content at your fingertips

    • Backwards-compatible with GameCube games and accessories, plus Nintendo classics

    Performance: 8.8/10
    • Overall solid audio and video, despite the presence of jaggies

    • Wi-Fi performance and Internet access can be temperamental

    Ergonomics: 9.3/10
    • Once set up, it feels so intuitive, it hardly feels like you're playing a game

    • But like most "wireless" devices, there are a lot of wires and other doodads here

    Overall Rating: 9/10
    Talk of a DVD-enabled deluxe model later in 2007—and short supplies at launch—might stay your credit card right now. But, with support for the most popular new franchise titles and many Wii exclusives to exploit those mind-boggling controllers, the Wii is a one-way ticket to Funsville.

    11 år sedan
  • Nintendo Wii

    Now that the amazement over the Nintendo Wii's innovative gameplay (and retail shortages) has worn off, it's time to take a clear-eyed look at the benefits of owning a Wii over a now similarly priced Microsoft Xbox 360 or pricier Sony PlayStation 3. As they were two years ago, the differences remain stark—akin to comparing an iPod shuffle to an iPhone. Besides the enormous differences in graphics quality, the "grown-up" consoles just look better, do more, and fit in more seamlessly with your home-theater setup. The Wii, for all its adorableness, is a game console for children. There, I said it.

    12 år sedan
  • Nintendo Wii review


    • Great playability
    • included Wii Sports is compelling
    • Unique controllers
    • Easy-to-use menu system and media functions


    • Graphics can't compete with the Xbox 360 and PS3
    • Games still expensive
    • Opera browser not included as standard
    • Needs Flash upgrade
    • Media functions could be better
    • Poor battery life for controllers

    13 år sedan
  • We Like:

    • Fashionable white styling
    • offset by cool grey stand. The packaging it came in was well thought out and instructions simple and easy to follow. The Wii Sports game will train you to the ways of Wii effortlessly and continues to be a fun package long after you've discovered other games. The bluetooth controllers are worthy of the hype and provide an innovative approach. Supports older GameCube games. Channels and WiFi is icing on the cake.

    We Don't Like:

    • The controllers take a bit of getting used to and for those of us with big hands would benefit from wider spacing between buttons as unintentional presses at key moments can be more than a little annoying. While the Wii doesn't play DVD's
    • something which would cement it into the living room experience
    • the expandability through Wii Channels and possible future accessories counteract these shortcomings.

    The Wii is the coming together of years of research (initially conceived after the GameCube release), innovation and good solid well thought out design. Not only does it do everything it's supposed to, it has the possibility to grow in the future. While the ability to play DVD's would have been great, it was never designed to do this - so I can't hold that against it.

    14 år sedan

    Pros: Revolutionary new pointing device that can also act as a physical fitness tool.

    Cons: Only one controller, no HD cables included, still not easy to find in stores.

    Who's it for?: People who like cutting edge technology at affordable prices and any gamer that appreciates the definition of gaming fun.

    14 år sedan
  • Nintendo Wii review

    Build Quality: 8/10
    Features: 8/10
    Value for Money: 8/10
    Overall: 8/10

    Those looking for HD graphics and Blu-ray capabilities should wait for the PS3. But we think the Nintendo Wii, a fun console with a refreshingly different controller, will have a wide appeal – especially among casual gamers.

    14 år sedan
  • Register Hardware

    Videogaming to get you off the sofa and onto your feet, the Wii's a revelation...

    14 år sedan
  • T3

    WE LOVE:

    • Unique control system

    • Fun, unusual games

    • Compact size

    WE HATE:

    • Some disappointing titles

    WE SAY:
    Wii is the games console we've been waiting for. Demand one this Christmas!

    14 år sedan
  • The Geek Beat

    The $250 Wii brings something to gaming that’s been missing for a while – fun. Nintendo’s ability to maintain its innocence while appealing equally to both male and female gamers in an increasingly testosterone-driven business is nothing short of remarkable. Oh yeah, and the Wiimote is a blast. We give it a 9 on the Geek-o-Meter.

    14 år sedan
  • CNET Australia


    • Sleek and simple design makes it a fit in most living rooms
    • Simple and intuitive to use
    • Easy operation
    • Simple slideshow functionality
    • Can play GameCube games
    • Virtual Console
    • Cheapest next-gen console


    • Only composite cables included
    • No recharge system for wireless remotes
    • Remote sensors can be a little finicky
    • Limited online capabilities

    Nintendo's next-gen machine is a great addition to the console race, one that focuses on playability over power. It's sure to win some new converts to gaming, although discerning tech-heads may balk at its lack of functionality and features.

    14 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    Nintendo Wii Review

    The Wii provides a fun gaming platform for everyone. While the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are devices that are loved by many avid gamers, the Wii will be loved by the whole family. The scope of the games goes well beyond the shoot'em up games and extends to games that can be enjoyed by everyone. We have seen a four year old having just as much fun on the Wii as her 86 year old great-grandmother.While the Wii lacks the rich graphics, the media features, and the DVD/Blu-Ray of the Xbox 360 or the PS3, its unique motion-sensitive remotes and play movements provide a different type of gaming experience that is equally rich in a totally different way. At USD 200, it is affordable and will provide hours of fun.Pros:Fun for the whole familyWonderful motion sensitive remotesBuilt-in Wi-FiCompatible with GameCube gamesRetro games availableBuilt-in SD slot for storage and photo viewing Includes Wii Sports gamesAffordableCons:Games are location specificWired Internet requires an adapterOnline gaming and communities a bit difficult to setup and useAdditional Wiimote and nunchucks must be purchased separatelyGraphics, sound and display not as advanced as other gaming devicesCan’t play CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs

    11 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    Ars Technica

    The Good:

    • Strong launch roster with good variety of games including...
    • ...LostWinds
    • Prices are on-par with competition
    • Potential for plenty of Wii-specific, motion-based games
    • Support for downloadable content and online leaderboards, multiplayer

    The Bad:

    • The clunky Wii Shop interface needs to be updated
    • Storage space is definitely an issue now

    The Ugly:

    • The inevitable birth of a third breed of Wii Friend codes: console ones, disc game ones, and WiiWare ones.

    13 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    Nintendo Wii


    • Vibrations when game discs are in drive
    • No DVD playback
    • Wii remote battery life
    • Extremely limited availability
    • Complicated friends list


    • Wii remote
    • Free internet – online gaming
    • Backwards compatibility
    • Retro games
    • Price
    • Family friendly
    • Size
    • Extremely high fun factor

    Gold Award

    14 år sedan
  • Inget betyg

    As good as you'd hoped it would be. With an impressive launch line-up and a low launch price, the Nintendo Wii is a real triumph. Let's hope it gets the support it deserves.

    14 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    Nintendo Wii games console - FIRST LOOK


    • Small
    • Cute
    • Interactive
    • Cheap
    • Innovative


    • Graphics
    • Lack of home entertainment features

    Conclusion So to the big question, should you get one of these, a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360? If its graphics, traditional gameplay and home entertainment then its got to be the Xbox 360 or PS3 as, with their support for the competing next generation DVD formats and certainly more powerful graphics chips and processors, they win hands down. However Nintendo, as it proved with the Nintendo DS, is far better at creating games that are interactive, unusual and creative. Take Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for example, with the promise of 80 hours of gameplay, Nintendo has still managed to sneak in a fishing game that sees you using the Wii Remote as a fishing rod. When the Wii launches in December is it likely to be a huge success as it's not only affordable but will also offer wireless connectivity and the chance to play Nintendo games of yesteryear. Although the graphics aren't up to what gamers will be expecting for a next generation of console, the gameplay and its interactivity will have you jumping around the living room for joy.

  • Inget betyg
    Nintendo Wii games console


    • Small
    • Cute
    • Interactive
    • Cheap
    • Innovative


    • Graphics
    • Lack of home entertainment features

    Conclusion So having lived with it for a week would we choose this over the other consoles we've played? It's a tough choice. I think where the Nintendo Wii will perform well is as the second console rather than the first choice. Having played for a week we certainly won't be giving up Rainbow Six Vegas or Gears of War on the Xbox 360 and we doubt that we are likely to see titles like this on the Wii in the short term. Likewise while the graphics aren't a disaster, it's clear that gameplay not graphics are the main focus, they aren't that bad. Likewise, and perhaps reflected in the price, Nintendo hasn't gone for any multimedia hub features, it doesn't even play DVDs - when we pitched this to a few people, that didn't seem to bother them; "I've already got a DVD player" was the usual response. Nintendo has shown that you don't need to be big, brash and powerful to have a good time. The graphics might not be up to what gamers will be expecting for a next generation of console, but the gameplay and its interactivity will have you jumping around the living room for joy.

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