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Focal Electra 1038 Be

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  • Performance: 4.5/5
    Value: 4/5

    There's no denying that the Focal Electra 1038Be floor-standing loudspeaker, at $12,495 per pair, is expensive. For many, or perhaps most, it's even outrageous. So why do I consider it to be somewhat of a bargain? Simple: if it were my money and I was a well-heeled audiophile or home theater enthusiast in search of high-end nirvana, and my list of possible suitors included twenty-plus-thousand-dollar offerings, such as Wilson's Sasha W/P or Bowers & Wilkins' 800 Series Diamond, I think I'd choose the 1038Be and pocket the difference. For while both the 800 Series Diamond and the Sasha W/P may be better in their own unique ways, on overall performance, I truly don't believe they best the 1038Be.

    7 år sedan