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Apple iPad 9.7" 32GB (6th Generation)

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Produktgeneration: Apple iPad (6th Generation). 3 produkter i generationen. 5 föregångare och 1 efterföljare
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  • iPad Review 2018: This one’s for my kids


    • Keeps classic iPad sizing
    • Basic specs allow lowest iPad price
    • iOS 11 and iOS App Store access
    • Software is swift and familiar
    • Works with Apple Pencil and Touch ID


    • Not made for power users
    • Display PPI 264 (not particularly sharp)
    • No Smart Connector
    • Not rugged nor water resistant

    3 år sedan
  • iPad 9.7in (2018) review

    Conclusion OUR VERDICT This is a tough review to sum up, because our verdict would vary wildly depending on who we're talking to. If you're a schools buyer, or just fancy a cheapish tablet that runs iOS and runs it well, this is an excellent deal. It's cheaper than last year's model (if you live in the UK, or are an education buyer, or particularly if both apply), which was already at the bargain end of Apple's range, and you get Apple Pencil support, a faster new processor and - again, if you're in education - a tasty iCloud storage deal that makes up for the lack of a 256GB or higher option. Apple Pencil support itself becomes more appealing thanks to the iWork updates, with Pages' Smart Annotation a particular highlight. For pickier and richer buyers, however, we would not recommend this device, mainly because the budget still doesn't stretch to a laminated screen, which we were taking for granted back in 2014 when the Air 2 came out. We really don't like the way unlaminated screens feel! Still, the unlaminated screen didn't put people off in 2017 and we don't suppose it will put people off now. And ultimately this is a fantastic deal for a decent (albeit flawed) tablet.

    3 år sedan
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    Apple iPad (2018) review: Pencil time


    • Affordable price
    • Pencil support (and third-party stylus support)
    • Works in the same way as Pro models
    • A10 processor


    • No Face ID
    • No ProMotion or True Tone
    • No Smart Connectors

    Conclusion The new iPad replaces the now-old, defunct 2017 iPad. The addition of Pencil support is very much welcome and is likely to appeal to many.While Apple is happy for anyone to buy the new tablet, and a lot of people do, Apple's focus on education for its new device is an interesting one. Just imagine what a bevy of iPads coming to the classroom can mean. Whether that’s using it for AR or just to jot down notes, it’s likely to be hugely successful. If schools can afford it, of course.If you're not buying this to use in the classroom, the iPad still very much delivers for the rest of us. It's taken what was already an amazing tablet and added more technology for a cheaper price. That's hard to argue in anyone's book.If you've been holding off buying a new iPad for a while, and still aren't interested in the Pro range (we like the 10.5 model), then this is as good as it gets from Apple.   This article was originally published on Tuesday 27 March 2018Alternatives to considerPocket-lintApple iPad Pro 10.5While the iPad (6th generation) now features Pencil support, there are a number of things it still doesn't offer compared to the Pro 10.5. That includes Apple's TruTone and ProMotion screen technologies, quad speakers, those thinner bezels, and an A10X Fusion chip (the iPad only uses the A10 Fusion Chip). Additionally for working on the go there is the Smart Keyboard that takes its power from the iPad rather than needing to be charged separately. Read the full review: Apple iPad Pro 10.5 reviewPocket-lintPixel CAs it stands, the Android tablet market is a little bare, but the Pixel C shows off the best, cleanest version of Android in a stunning piece of hardware. It's really well made, has a great screen and is fast enough to cope with pretty much anything. It costs nearly £500, however, which is some premium over the regular iPad. Read the full review: Google Pixel C review: Pixel perfect?Pocket-lintiPad mini 4If you want a great Apple tablet without the size of the 9.7-inch iPad, the fourth generation iPad mini is an easy choice. Because the screen is smaller than the regular iPad, it's considerably sharper. It shares many of the features with the iPad 9.7 aside from Pencil support, but just has them in a smaller package. It does, however, cost a little more than the iPad.Read the full review: Apple iPad mini 4 review: Compact without compromise