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Huawei P20 Dual SIM 128GB

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  • Huawei P20 review

    Conclusion The Huawei P20 is a phone we can recommend with hardly any reservations. It lacks a headphone jack and waterproofing, but aside from that is one of the best phones of 2018. It holds its own thanks to outstanding cameras, excellent battery life and the most premium design on a Huawei phone ever. It has a notch, but you can hide it in the software settings, making it no issue. At £599, we can recommend it alongside the Samsung Galaxy S9 – helped by the fact that EMUI is much less of a mess than it once was and the superb performance of the Kirin 970. Huawei just joined the top table of the smartphone world.

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    Huawei P20 vs Huawei P10

    Conclusion The Huawei P20 is a desirable smartphone, but the notch and lack of headphone jack mean it could put some people off. However, be aware that this design will be found on increasingly more devices this year, and it could be wiser to pick a newer Huawei phone that will get updates for longer. The P10 is still a fine phone in 2017, though. It’s over £200 cheaper than it was at launch and has a headphone jack, though the design is quite old-hat compared to the new coloured glass of the P20. The P20 is a compact, fast device with improved cameras, but if you want a Huawei phone with a headphone jack then the P10 is a cheaper viable option.

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    Mi Mix 2S vs Huawei P20

    Conclusion This is a very close call. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S may have the edge on price, design and performance, but the P20 Pro edges it out on photography. While the Mi Mix 2S doesn't disappoint in this category, we cannot overlook the importance of Huawei's much easier availability in the UK, and what this might mean for aftersales support. Of course, if you like to live life on the edge, you'll probably still choose the Mi Mix 2S.

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    Huawei P20 review: Every inch the flagship alternative


    • Beautiful polished design
    • Speedy performance
    • Camera is very good - particularly "Night Mode"
    • Sharp and vivid display


    • No wireless charging
    • Still the odd software quirk here and there
    • No IP water/dust resistance rating
    • The Pro model is that much better

    Conclusion With Huawei's somewhat inconsistent recent history, we went into this review expecting to find at least one major annoyance with the Huawei P20, but were pleasantly surprised by its pursuit of perfection.No phone is perfect, though, and the P20 could have better camera results - especially given the P20 Pro's hugely impressive camera setup - and the addition of wireless charging and weather-sealing wouldn't go amiss.For the first time in the annual phone war, Huawei has succeeded in creating a genuine alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S9. The P20 is refined, polished and attractive. There are almost too many superlatives to describe this mighty impressive phone. Alternatives to considerPocket-lintSamsung Galaxy S9While it's not perfect, the Galaxy S9 is a fantastic device. It's got a brilliant display, great camera, excellent performance all-round, all wrapped into a body that's easily one of the most elegant ever released. Its stereo sound makes such a difference to media consumption too.Read the full article: Galaxy S9 reviewPocket-lintiPhone XApple's £1,000 smartphone is as impressive as it is expensive. It could be argued that it's the inspiration behind many of today's newest Android phones, the P20 included. Where Apple's differs though is that it's built from stainless steel and has a depth sensor for a far more secure facial recognition system. Read the full article: Apple iPhone X reviewPocket-lintHuawei P20 ProThe P20 is great, but the Pro is even better. It's bigger, has better battery life, a more impressive camera system, and is water- and dust-resistant. It's a true flagship powerhouse by any metric. Read the full article: Huawei P20 Pro review

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    Huawei P20 vs P20 Pro Comparison Review

    Conclusion The standard P20 is on the lower end of the price scale as a flagship smartphone, but it does lack in features when compares to a lot of its competitors. The lack of a headphone jack, full waterproofing, an LCD screen and no wireless charging means that there is a lot lacking that could, for example, be found in a standard Galaxy S9 at a slightly increased price. The P20 Pro on the other hand holds up much better against competitors like the S9+. This is a very promising addition to the market, as long as you’re not looking to shoot stabilised 4K video. We’ll explore it more in our further review, but the early signs look very promising. In comparison, the P20 Pro certainly seems to have the best of it when it comes to bang for your buck, although it is also much more expensive phone.