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Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact Dual H8324

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  • Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact review: If small is your all


    • It's refreshing small-scale
    • Good camera results
    • Long-lasting battery despite small capacity
    • Super slow-mo video is fun
    • Solid build and comfortable hold


    • Camera can be slow to focus
    • Software a little buggy - sometimes unresponsive
    • Chunky design is contrary to Compact name

    Conclusion As small phones go, the Sony XZ2 Compact in a league of its own. Think of the other small-ish flagships out there: the Pixel 2 and Galaxy S9 are both considerably taller and wider than the Sony. Of course, there is the iPhone SE, if you're an Apple iOS fan, but that's a couple of years old now.While the XZ2 Compact's list of pros is strong - the camera is great and has lots of features, the screen is vibrant despite being LCD, and battery life from its relatively small capacity battery is great - there are a number of downsides. We feel that the build is too chunky, there are some software issues, and the camera isn't as great to use as it should be.Overall, the Sony XZ2 Compact shows that Sony can still cut it. Although not strong enough to challenge many of the top-tier flagship devices, it's not often these days you'll find a phone that's both compact and powerful. So if you want a high-end Android phone that's not too big then the XZ2 Compact should be your number one choice.Alternatives to considerPocket-lintGoogle Pixel 2Google's second Pixel may not be as short or narrow as the Compact, but it does make up for that by having a slim, solid chassis and a clean, speedy version of Android installed. It also has one of the best camera systems that's ever been put into a smartphone. Read the full article: Google Pixel 2 reviewPocket-lintiPhone SEIf your main aim is to get a really small phone with few compromises, the iPhone SE still delivers a top performance. It is a little old now, but Apple keeps things feeling fresh with reliable software updates. Read the full article: Apple iPhone SE review