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Ring Doorbell V2

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  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 review: A doorbell for the connected generation


    • Removable battery is a necessary addition
    • Camera footage is vibrant and clear
    • Additional mounts/fascias included for unusual doorways


    • Slight delay in motion/ring alerts
    • Needs to be fairly close to router
    • No in-home chime/ring without buying Chime or Chime Pro

    Conclusion The original Ring Doorbell was the market-leader in smart video doorbells. The second-generation looks to keep up this success by improving on a number of areas - a removable battery, 1080p capture and included mounts/fascias - but there's no significant reason to upgrade if you own the original.There are a couple of downsides too. Firstly, it's quite a big unit - which may not suit those with limited space for installation. Secondly, its performance is reliant on a good Wi-Fi network, so if your front door is nowhere near your wireless router then it might struggle to connect. A Wi-Fi extender, mesh network system or buying Chime Pro will fix this problem.The Ring Video Doorbell is an incredibly useful device - both a method to communicate with visitors when you're not home, and as a security camera. It's not perfect, but it's convenient and can be a very useful tool to identify and catch burglars in the act.googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('SA-Unit14'); });