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Nintendo Labo Robot Kit (Switch)

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  • Nintendo Labo review

    Conclusion Nintendo Labo is a work of genius, taking the Google Cardboard idea to levels we never thought possible. There's been some grumbling about the price, but you get hours and hours of fun just building the Toy-Cons which is half the point here - it's no different to buying Lego. We have a minor worry about the strength of some piece, so keep an eye on your kids when they're playing. Then there are the games, which might not be enjoyable for a long as full-on games, but there is depth to them if you're prepared to investigate. When you include the customisation elements, Labo is almost limitless. Labo is bags of fun for players of all ages so it's yet another great reason to get a Switch if you haven't already. 

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    Nintendo Labo: Toy-Con 02 – Robot Kit


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