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Marantz PM-KI Pearl

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  • Performance: 4/5
    Value: 4/5

    Low Points:

    • The PM-KI-Pearl Integrated Amplifier does not have any balanced inputs or outputs which I would expect to find on a product of this quality and in this price range. 
    • The unit has a limited number of inputs. Apart from the specialized, phono, CD and record / monitor inputs, there are only two more inputs.
    • I would have liked to have seen the ability to custom name the inputs so that the display accurately reflects the chosen source rather than a generic input designation.

    Marantz's Pearl line of reference products pays homage to brand manager and audio designer Ken Ishiwata and all those who have tweaked and modified their components to get the best possible sound for their dollar. If you do not need balanced audio inputs and are seeking something a cut above the already good reference line gear, the PM-KI-Pearl Integrated Amplifier deserves a close look. If you are interested, I recommend that you do not delay as production is limited to 500 units and will likely sell out quickly.

    11 år sedan
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    Marantz PM-KI Pearl Integrated Amplifier Review

    Marantz's PM-KI Pearl Integrated Amplifier is one of two limited edition components (along with the SA-KI Pearl SACD/CD Player) celebrating designer Ken Ishiwata's achievement with the company in 30 years. For the event, Ishiwata went into the audio lab and reshaped and retooled these two components to his aesthetics and offered them up for a select few music lovers. The KI is limited to just 500 units, making it instantly collectible, and I felt humbled knowing I was among such a wee group who would ever hear these components. Marantz has a Web site ( dedicated solely to the KI Pearl and its brethren SA-KI Pearl. I'm always wary of quoting and seemingly confirming views of a company's product in question, but I doubt anyone would question Marantz's and Ishiwata's ideals that “... specifications are just facts. We're interested in ...