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Rotel RA-1520

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  • Performance: 3/5
    Value: 4/5

    High Points:

    • This integrated amplifier's ability to increase the sound quality of any audio source component it is hooked up with should be applauded by any fan of stellar audio component design.
    • The modern-looking yet classical structure of the RA-1520's front panel will make your friends green with envy when they first gaze upon this beauty.
    • With five inputs located in the back panel, this integrated amplifier will allow any consumer full access to their entire musical catalogue, no matter what type of audio format that happens to be.
    • The compact design and weight of the RA-1520 (just under eight pounds) means you can easily place this integrated amp in almost any audio rack or shelving space you have in your listening area or media room.

    Low Points:

    • While this amplifier's ability to reproduce the mid-range and high-end audio frequencies of any audio CD or cassette was done extremely well, I was disappointed with the dispersion quality of the low-end on too many occasions.
    • For the consumer who is looking to buy an integrated amplifier that can do a superb job of delivering THX-certified theater surround-sound or DTS sound, he should pass on buying the RA-1520.
    • If you happen to own speakers that already possess an outstanding ability to deliver very bright audio, you might want to pass on purchasing this amplifier, as it might bring too much brightness to your overall listening experience. For speakers like Vandersteen or Magnepan many others - this amp is a strong performer.

    The Rotel RA-1520 is a sonically dynamic integrated amplifier and the
    sound quality that this amplifier disperses speaks volumes about Rotel's
    dedication in designing high-quality audio components year after year.
    This amplifier breathes new life into audio formats that most critics
    have long ago left for dead, such as the audiocassette and the
    phonograph. With it's innate ability to process analog audio signals
    into something resembling the crisper quality of digital signatures, the
    RA-1520 should be looked at as the wave of the future when it comes to
    integrated amplifier design technology.

    9 år sedan
  • Rotel RA-1520

    Rotel strides into the lion’s den and emerges not only in one piece but with a share of the spoils

    10 år sedan