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Grand Theft Auto III (PC)

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Externa recensioner om Grand Theft Auto III (PC)
  • Our full review of Rockstar's high-intensity game noir.

    Even with some minor problems and drawbacks, all in all GTA3 is an amazing experience that you shouldn't miss. I say experience rather than simply "game" because, with a living environment that plunges you into the middle of a gang turf war and intense attention to detail, Grand Theft Auto III expands the very idea of what a game has traditionally been. It's simply huge, and the intense open-ended gameplay, believable Artificial Intelligence, pumpin' soundtrack, and total immersion in the cityscape make GTA 3 an amazing game to play.The only thing it loses any points for is the high system requirements and initial release bugs. There's nothing more frustrating than picking up an incredible game like GTA3 only to get it home and not have it work. And although I would have liked to have seen multiplayer in the game, GTA3 still stands as an amazingly in-depth and rewarding single-player experience, and I can't really fault Rockstar for not putting it in the game since they did such a great job with the single-player side.It's titles like this that give us a glimpse into the future of gaming. If you have the system to run it and you haven't experienced the PS2 version yet, I highly recommend you pick it up for the PC and give it a whirl for yourself.-- Tal Blevins

    Score details
    Presentation (10/10)
    This game is just soaked with style, and the attention to detail totally immerses you into the massive world.
    Graphics (8.5/10)
    Although the PC translation is pretty much a carbon copy of the PS2 version in terms of gameplay, it looks a lot better than its PS2 cousin. There are some performance and framerate issues, though.
    Sound (9.5/10)
    An audio masterpiece. Everything from the voice acting to the sound effects to the chatter of pedestrians to the music are implemented with a lot of thought and expertise.
    Gameplay (9/10)
    Open-ended gamplay to the extreme, with a linear mission-based system to attract more structured gamers. Mouse/keyboard controls mean an improved aiming system, but driving is a bit more difficult.

    6 år sedan
  • Gameplay: 10
    Graphics: 8
    Audio: 10
    Replay: 10

    18 år sedan