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Nikon D5000

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    Nikon D5000 är före sin tid

    Conclusion Den som köper en D5000 för att få en annorlunda systemkamera med nydanande skärmanvändning riskerar att bli besviken eftersom autofokusen med skärmsökaren är alltför långsam. Olympus och Panasonic gör det här bättre. Däremot är D5000 ett val för den som vill ha bildkvaliteten hos D90, men spara några kronor. I dagsläget är det ytterst liten skillnad på butikspriset, men eftersom rekpriset skiljer 2000 kronor är det troligt att prisskillnaden mellan D90 och D5000 kommer att öka. Då blir D5000 intressant.   Så satte vi betyget Bildkvalitet 9 Samma utmärkta bildkvalitet som i Nikon D300 och D90. Bättre än så här blir det inte just nu med denna sensorstorlek. Byggkvalitet 7 Lite plastigt känns det och skärmen är mer sårbar än en fast. Å andra sidan kan man vinkla in skärmen så att den är skyddad vid transport. Ergonomi & logik 7 Inte lika skön att hålla som D90. Risk att ändra fokuspunkt med handflatan. Pedagogiska och tydliga menyer. Mångsidighet 7 Ger inte autofokus med alla Nikonobjektiv. Om autofokusen med skärmsökaren varit bättre hade kameran blivit mer mångsidig och höjt betyget. Valuta för pengarna 7 I skrivande stund kostar en D90 200 kronor mer i butilk. Rekpriserna skiljer dock mer. Hobbyfotografen får mer ut av att satsa på en något dyrare D90 och för nybörjaren och familjefotografen skulle en enklare och billigare version av D5000 utan rörlig skärm vara ännu bättre. Men jämfört med den åldrade D60 har D5000 flera fördelar.

    11 år sedan
  • Nikon D5000


    • Excellent image quality
    • Strong low-light performance
    • Long battery life
    • Crisp HD video recording


    • HD movie recording lacks auto focus
    • Mediocre still photo focus in Live View mode

    11 år sedan
  • Electronista

    - A bit too small; buttons crowded and reduced.
    - Dark viewfinder, no top-mounted LCD.
    - HD video still exhibits "wobble."
    - Reduced options for remote flashes.

    - Swiveling LCD.
    - Compact design; a good beginner/travel camera.
    - Good image quality and ISO levels.
    - Relatively fast 4FPS burst shooting.
    - Inexpensive for HD video.

    11 år sedan
  • Nikon D5000 digital SLR

    Offers more than your typical entry-level DSLR, including very good still images and a fine set of features. Video performance, has room for improvement though.

    11 år sedan
  • Good points
    Excellent still photos; high-definition videohandy folding screen

    Bad points
    Kit lens is disappointing; no auto-focus in videomode

    11 år sedan
  • Nikon D5000

    Design: 8/10
    Features: 9/10
    Ease-of-use: 8/10
    Image quality: 10/10
    Value for money: 9/10

    The Nikon D5000 is a successful crossbreed of the D90 and the D60. The new DSLR combines the imaging assembly, AF module, Live View and HD video recording capabilities of the former with the beginner-friendly infopanel-based operation of the latter, in a form factor that lies somewhere in the middle between the two.

    11 år sedan
  • Nikon D5000 review


    • Compact body
    • Intuitive interface
    • Excellent AF/metering/White balance
    • Very capable 11-point AF system Nikon's best Live View yet
    • Includes face detection AF
    • 720p 'HD' video can be handy


    • Simplified ergonomics
    • Slow Contrast-detection AF in Live View
    • Struggles with backlit subjects
    • Inbuilt microphone is over-sensitive to sounds of camera handling
    • No AF in video mode
    • Currently rather pricey

    11 år sedan
  • PC

    The Nikon D5000 is one of the most impressive digital SLR cameras on the market. Not only can it be used as a fully fledged D-SLR with manual settings, but it can shoot movies and also be used in a similar way to an advanced compact or a point-and-shoot camera. Its user-friendly features and built-in hints make it a very easy model to use, and it's also not a big camera, so it won't be too hard to carry on outdoor adventures and overseas trips — unless you also pack plenty of lenses and accessories. We recommend it for anyone who wants to make the leap from a compact camera to a digital SLR.

    11 år sedan
  • Nikon D5000 review

    A speedy, sturdy and simple-to-use DSLR that delivers fantastic photos and one heck of a bonus feature in HD video

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    Camera Test: Nikon D5000

    There’s more to this mini Nikon DSLR than the price.

    11 år sedan
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    PC World Canada

    The feature-laden D5000 entry-level SLR camera takes better pictures at manual settings.

    11 år sedan
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    Nikon D5000 Review

    •Excellent image quality
    •Good tonal response and dynamic range
    •Very impressive high ISO performance
    •Easy-to-use control system
    •Feels very fast and responsive in use
    •Twist and swivel screen useful for certain shooting types
    •Useful in-camera RAW processing option
    •Good viewfinder for class with optional composition grid
    •Excellent degree of customization (reversible dial and meter ease transition from other systems)
    •Fast Autofocus with useful control options
    •Automatic correction of chromatic aberration
    •Reliable metering that will tend towards underexposure when caught-out
    •Programmable FUNC button with useful list of functions
    •Configurable 'My Menu'
    •Fast power on, responsive in-use
    •Auto-focus assist lamp rather than requiring flash to be raised
    •Control over high sensitivity noise reduction
    •Customizable automatic sensitivity (ISO)
    •Fast continuous shooting mode
    •Extensive retouching features including D-Lighting, Red-eye reduction and distortion correction
    •Option to correct geometric distortion in JPEGs while shooting (though camera slows a little)
    •Dedicated help button provides in-menu assistance
    •720p HD video
    •Good battery life

    •Control system rather dependant on multiple button presses
    •Contrast detect AF so slow it's useless for most types of photography (which is often the case on DSLRs)
    •No built-in AF motor restricts lens choice (though most popular lenses do work)
    •Default JPEG output soft (shoot RAW for best results)
    •Moderate screen resolution (and too reflective in bright light)
    •Video capability rather limited
    •No mass storage USB support

    11 år sedan
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    Nikon D5000 DSLR camera


    • Image quality
    • Movie quality
    • Tilt turn and swivel LCD (for some shots)
    • Handling
    • Ease of use
    • Price


    • Small viewfinder
    • LCD resolution/colour rendition
    • Size (for market)
    • Bottom hinged LCD easily impeded on a tripod

    Conclusion Looked at as a tweaked D60, the D5000 looks pricey and a little on the flabby side, however, switch that on its head and look at the D5000 as a D90-lite (and in some areas it out performs the D90, the colour tracking AF for example) and you have a very nice camera indeed that represents great value for money, particularly if shooting HD movies on your DSLR floats yer boat. Overall then, the D5000 is excellent; a feature rich, semi-enthusiast-semi-novice DSLR (if there is such a thing, well, I suppose now, there is) that offers a responsive camera with bags of control in a lightweight (slightly bulky) easy to use DSLR body.

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    10 år sedan