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Mini Ninjas (PS3)

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Externa recensioner om Mini Ninjas (PS3)
  • Grafik 7/10 i betyg
    Ljud/Musik 6/10 i betyg
    Spelkänsla 8/10 i betyg
    Hållbarhet 7/10 i betyg

    12 år sedan
  • Ingen utmaning
    Ingen karaktärsintroduktion förutom huvudstoryn
    Gulligt och inbjudande
    Ambitiöst Ninja Gaiden-substitut för barnen

    12 år sedan
  • Mini Ninjas

    In which you play as a ninja who is mini. (PS3)

    12 år sedan
  • Ett Ninja Gaiden för Spongebob-generationen.

    Up: Att köra forsränning med ninjahatten som flotte är lika originellt som kul.

    Down: Mellansekvenserna känns på tok för långa och pratiga för den yngre publiken.

    12 år sedan
  • A family-friendly ninja affair.

    Even though Mini Ninjas might not be as in-depth or content heavy as its modern peers, it's still a beautiful, fun game that opens up ninja culture to kids. The folks at Io Interactive clearly have a lot of love for the genre, as the stirring environments and music make this journey a pleasure to experience.Although the combat is fun and grows as the game progresses, Mini Ninjas is still a little on the simple side and that will throw some gamers off (also, the boss fights are giant quick time events/button prompts, which is disappointing). With that said, this is the perfect game to introduce younger siblings or your own children to the classic Japanese tales and ninja quests so many of us love. I consider Mini Ninjas to be an extremely pleasant surprise.

    Score details
    Presentation (8/10)
    A straight-forward ninja tale similar to its predecessors. I enjoyed everything here, though I would have liked to see even more.
    Graphics (8.5/10)
    Charming art style. Breath-taking environments that serve as notable tributes to classic Japanese set pieces. Otherwise, a simple-looking game that is clearly geared towards children.
    Sound (8.5/10)
    A quirky yet enjoyable mixture of English and Japanese voiceover. Fantastic music to complement the visuals.
    Gameplay (7.5/10)
    Combat is a bit simple for hardcore action/adventure gamers, but the multiple characters, collectible items and unlockable spells makes this an enjoyable quest.
    Lasting Appeal (7/10)
    Mini Ninjas is definitely a short game, but it can be enjoyed at your own pace. I would have liked to see a bit more, but considering the target audience, the length is just right.

    12 år sedan
  • Mini Ninjas Review


      Cartoon sensibility, Solid swordplay


      Pointless item collection, Pointless spells and stealth, Pointless character roster, Repetitious level design

    ConclusionIO Interactive deserves credit for going in such a different direction from their usual shooter fare. Alas, the result is a beautiful game without a soul. Like a piece of gum, everything great about Mini Ninjas can be experienced in the first few minutes. After that, its sweetness is just a quickly fading memory.

  • Inget betyg
    11 år sedan

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