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SAS: Secure Tomorrow (PC)

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Externa recensioner om SAS: Secure Tomorrow (PC)
  • Bloody fun, bloody easy, and bloody short.

    It may be damning with faint praise to say SAS: Secure Tomorrow is leagues better than the patently awful Sniper: Art of Victory. It is that much better, and it certainly should do the trick for tactical shooter newbies without a lot of cash to burn. Still, it is not without its foibles, and it's both too easy and too short. Judge accordingly.

    Score details
    Presentation (7/10)
    The cutscenes and peripheral features go beyond those of typical budget games, but there's no forgiving a two-page manual and no printed list of commands.
    Graphics (7/10)
    The level of detail is high, the lighting is beautiful, and the environments and animations are varied.
    Sound (8/10)
    From gunfire to voice acting to the painful moans of dying bad guys, SAS sounds great.
    Gameplay (6/10)
    Shooter addicts will already have much better games in their arsenal, but rookies and less demanding players should enjoy it.
    Lasting Appeal (3/10)
    The game is too short, and for most, too easy. Multiplayer helps, if you can find someone who wants to play.

    13 år sedan
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    12 år sedan