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Restaurant Empire II (PC)

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Externa recensioner om Restaurant Empire II (PC)
  • Will the second course in this franchise satiate your simulation hunger?

    Restaurant Empire 2 is a little tricky to evaluate. On one hand, you’re getting two games that give you glimpses of what it’s like to run dining establishments, both of which manage to essentially get the job don and pack in a story to boot. On the other hand, you’re dealing with the exact same issues from the first game six years later without any changes or adjustments; instead, you’re presented with a slightly different context and a larger assortment of items to play with. It’s still fun, but as far as a sim is concerned, it could’ve gone much farther.

    Score details
    Presentation (6.5/10)
    Unlike the first game, which had a more in-depth tutorial for players, Restaurant Empire 2 has minimal help. Good luck if you get lost or confused.
    Graphics (6/10)
    With the exception of a few new themes for restaurants, these are the same six year old graphics repackaged for this game.
    Sound (6/10)
    Voiceovers are minimal, and the music is essentially a background element that’s mellow, but barely has an impact on the overall gameplay.
    Gameplay (7/10)
    While there are a larger number of items, recipes and themes, this is essentially the same game that was released six years ago.
    Lasting Appeal (7/10)
    While you get two games included in one package, along with a rather robust sandbox option, older issues that haven’t been solved will definitely drag down your enjoyment of the game.

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