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Canon EOS 500D

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EOS 500D är en instegs-DSLR i Canons sortiment, men Prisjakts användare lovordar egenskaperna i sina omdömen. Kan spela in video i upp till 1080-upplösning och 20 fps, eller 720-upplösning och 30 fps. Maximal upplösning vid stillbildsfotogafering är 4752x3168 pixlar. Stäng
EOS 500D är en instegs-DSLR i Canons sortiment, men Prisjakts användare lovordar egenskaperna i sina omdömen. Kan spela in video i upp till 1080-upplösning och 20 fps, eller 720-u... Läs mer
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Externa recensioner om Canon EOS 500D
  • Canon EOS Rebel T1i


    • Accurate colors
    • Solid image quality
    • Generally fast performance
    • Long battery life


    • Poor sound in movie recording
    • Stumbles in harshly backlit situations

    10 år sedan
  • EISA Awards 2009-2010

    European SLR Camera 2009-2010

    The Canon EOS 500D is an excellent DSLR for both novices and advanced amateur photographers alike. The camera provides extra versatility via its good Live View system, and the large and high resolution LCD monitor. The camera?s image quality is excellent and noise is well controlled even at high ISO settings. The quality of the HD video mode is so impressive that it might provoke the beginning of a new movie-making hobby for some users.

    11 år sedan
  • PC

    The Canon EOS 500D is Canon's best Rebel yet. If you need a faster burst rate, or don't like the button-centered interface, or the camera is too small for your hands, then you'll also want to look at the EOS 50D, the next camera up in Canon's line. (Note that you won't get video shooting with that camera.) If you're looking for an SLR under £1,000 that takes great images and movies, then the Canon EOS 500D is an excellent choice.

    11 år sedan
  • Good points
    Full HD video plus crisp photos; fast torespond; simple to use; lightweight but robust

    Bad points
    Sound on video is mono-only; movie frame rateonly 20fps; expensive, particularly if you need to buy the lens as well

    11 år sedan
  • Canon EOS 500D

    A good performer to appeal to both beginners and experienced users, but the Full HD mode is disappointing and it is pricey

    11 år sedan
  • Canon EOS 500D

    Design: 9/10
    Features: 10/10
    Ease-of-use: 9/10
    Image quality: 10/10
    Value for money: 8/10

    With the addition of full HD video, a greatly-expanded ISO range and a fantastically high-res LCD screen, the new Canon EOS 500D / Digital Rebel T1i has graduated to the ranks of mid-range, prosumer DSLR. Add an increased price-tag of $799.99 / £869.99, and this can no longer be considered an entry-level model, with a feature set and cost that in many ways equals and even surpasses the higher-in-the-range EOS 50D model. The 500D's handling certainly isn't as good, with a body that's still a little too small for average to large-sized hands, but for many people the inclusion of full HD video will more than compensate for that.

    11 år sedan
  • Canon EOS 500D review


    • FullHD video recording
    • Great image quality
    • Good at high ISO
    • Good user interface


    • Expensive for a first time buy

    Though the specification (and price) might be a bit excessive for the first-time SLR user, if you want a compact Canon with HD video and ample room to grow into, consider the 500D. Advanced beginners who can live without the HD may as well step up to the similarly priced Canon 50D.

    11 år sedan
  • Canon EOS 500D

    EOS 500D is the latest addition to Canon’s entry-level SLR lineup and sits on top of the 450D but below the mid-range 50D SLR

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    Canon Rebel T1i Digital Camera Review

    The Canon Rebel T1i is an excellent choice for a mid-range digital SLR. With its picture settings and the auto settings, the Rebel is suitable for a first-time SLR user. Given an adequate time investment, a beginner could use this camera on his first day and gradually add to his knowledge while learning the cameras ins-and-outs. However, the sheer number of functions, menu options, and buttons may be intimidating to some new users. The T1i stands out as an SLR that is easy-to-use while also offers powerful options and functionality and taking good pictures and videos.Pros:Good image quality Fast responseLight weight 15 megapixelsNicely placed buttons & controlsLarge, clear, crisp screenWide selection of compatible lensesSimultaneous RAW and JPEGExcellent Live View modeGood auto modes Remote control software includedVariety of good featuresCons:1080p movie mode records at only 20 framesNo flip screenSoftware needs written documentation

    10 år sedan
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    11 år sedan
  • Inget betyg
    Canon EOS 500D (EOS Rebel T1i / EOS Kiss X3)

    •Good resolution and detailed output (but only very marginally better than 450D)
    •Decent (but not 'best in class') high ISO JPEG performance
    •Extended ISO speed up to 12800 (not great quality but it's there for emergencies)
    • Good quality HD video (but sound output does not match the image quality)
    •Currently the cheapest 1080P video capable DSLR (albeit only at 20fps)
    •Overall snappy and responsive performance
    •Very clear, high resolution 3.0 inch screen with anti-reflection coating (but still hardly usable in sunny conditions)
    •Brightest and largest viewfinder in class
    •Good number of external controls provide quick access to all important shooting parameters and the interactive quick control panel is a good alternative for those who prefer the compact camera style of controls
    •Intuitive menu system and customizable 'My Menu'
    •Good control over High ISO NR
    •Fairly efficient Highlight Tone Priority features preserves some additional highlight detail
    •Reliable flash exposure
    •Peripheral illumination correction
    •Optional battery grip
    •HDMI output
    •Comprehensive software package included
    •Good battery life

    •Visibly more noise in RAW files than some of the competition
    •Slightly less highlight range in JPGs than the competition
    •Relatively limited RAW headroom, channel clipping means color accuracy can often not be maintained when recovering clipped areas in RAW conversion
    •Metering has occasional tendencies to overexpose in very bright, contrasty conditions
    •Unreliable auto white balance and presets under artificial light
    •Still slightly plasticy appearance and surfaces
    •Grip is a little small for larger hands
    •Flash has to be raised for AF assist (although AF is good even in low light)
    •Limited exposure compensation range (+/- 2.0 EV)
    •Contrast detect AF so slow it's useless for most types of photography (it's the same for most of the competition though)
    •Slightly more expensive than the competition

    11 år sedan
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    Canon EOS 500D DSLR

    Wired: Class-leading resolution and exceptional high ISO performance place the EOS 500D apart from the competition, and versatile Live View and HD video modes are very attractive. Canon’s Creative Auto (CA) mode will appeal to novice photographersTired: It’s expensive, contrast-detection AF in video and live view mode is slow and noisy, a variable-angle LCD screen (like the Olympus E-450 and Nikon D5000) would be better when shooting/filming from awkward angles. The EOS 450D is much better value at this point

    11 år sedan
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    • Excellent 15.1 megapixel sensor with impressively low noise and superb detail
    • Live View mode works very well
    • Live View mode offers a choice between phase-detect, contrast-detect modes, plus Face detect mode
    • Zoom in five or ten times with Live View
    • Image-stabilized kit lens is excellent optically
    • HD Movie mode allows capture of up to 29 minutes of video
    • HDMI output for direct playback on HDTVs
    • Small size is great for travel and all-day carry
    • Dust removal technology largely eliminates sensor cleaning chores
    • 3.0-inch, 920,000-dot LCD with a wide viewing angle for better image sharing and focus check
    • Expanded ISO offering raises options in low-light situations
    • Integrated status display conveys a lot of information
    • Fine steps in saturation adjustment control
    • Very high resolution
    • IR detection turns off LCD to reduce glare and battery drain
    • Print/Share button enables quick and easy printing and image transfer
    • Fast image transfer eliminates the need for a card reader
    • AF system works well in low light
    • Picture Styles makes choosing and customizing color modes fast and easy
    • Compatible with over 50 lenses and accessories
    • SD cards are inexpensive and easy to find
    • Peripheral Illumination correction feature fixes vignetting problems
    • Selectable auto-rotation feature rotates on the camera or only in the computer
    • Fast autofocus
    • Shutter button design allows followup shots without refocusing
    • Good macro performance
    • Auto white balance handles most situations very well
    • Print quality is excellent, making sharp 13x19-inch printsGreat shot-to-shot, shutter lag, and cycle time numbers
    • Enhanced AE Bracketing feature
    • Suitable for the inexperienced amateur, perfectly usable by the seasoned pro


    • AF-assist adjustment and Flash Exposure compensation are buried in the Flash Settings menuKit lens produces somewhat high barrel distortion at wide angle
    • Flash coverage is uneven, falling off in the corners
    • Battery capacity is reduced with significant use of Live View mode, the larger screen, and dust off system
    • Front lens barrel rotates on kit lens, making polarizer lens use difficult
    • Live View shutter lag is a little longer than with the optical viewfinder
    • No continuous autofocus in Movie mode
    • No manual control for exposure in Movie mode
    • Color is more saturated than XSi
    • Auto white balance leaves tungsten lighting too warm
    • High ISO noise suppression has trouble with low-contrast areas, especially in the red channel
    • Buffer seems to fill quickly when shooting in RAW mode
    • No AF Microadjustment feature
    • Shutter is noisy

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    Canon EOS 500D DSLR camera


    • Image quality
    • HD video capture (with limitations)
    • Display (visually)
    • CA good for beginners


    • Lack of display articulation
    • Video capture lacks controls
    • No external mic option

    Conclusion In general use, the Canon EOS 500D is an excellent point and shoot DSLR, for those who want an uncomplicated camera that offers greater potential than compact models. The Creative Auto may convince you to click that mode dial, but will perhaps be lost on more experienced users. The still image performance is compelling but we can't help but feel the video is something of a novelty. Yes, you can capture crisp and detailed high-definition video, but it comes with a list of limitations. Originally over £800, the 500D is now more reasonable, with prices in the £600 region looking far more appealing. The camera should appeal to those looking for a DSLR and we think it steps in nicely for anyone who has a 350D or 400D that is looking to upgrade: considering the compatibility with existing EF and EF-S lenses and the range of accessories you've probably collected over the last few year, it brings a number of enhancements that you'll appreciate. Thank you to Jessops for the loan of this review model.