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Shrek 2 (PC)

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Spel som bygger på filmen med samma namn. Byt mellan fyra olika karaktärer ur filmen och lös pussel, slåss mot fiender och samla på allt från snigelögon till pengar
Externa recensioner om Shrek 2 (PC)
  • PC Magazine

    In this 3D platform game, you play as Shrek, Donkey, and other characters, knocking down enemies, flipping switches, and occasionally puzzling your way to seemingly unreachable locations.Sadly, the movie cast is nowhere to be seen (or heard); you'll spend

    17 år sedan
  • GameAxis

    Gameplay: 4.0
    Graphics: 3.0
    Audio: 2.0
    Value: 3.0

    17 år sedan
  • A game that needs its own "Happily Ever After" potion.

    As you might infer from the handy list, Shrek 2 doesn't contain many positive attributes. It's really really bad. There's simply no other way to describe this product. In fact, playing it makes me like the movie less.The combat is insanely repetitive and easy. Besides for visual diversity, there's no reason for Shrek 2 to possess multiple characters or spells. The only difficult part of the game, besides for hoping your stomach survives the extremely bumpy ride (especially when you control the giant gingerbread man), is a battle with Puss in Boots. That's simply because the trick to defeating him is so easy it's counterintuitive. Having played through Shrek 2 on the consoles, I'm really surprised by the quality presented in the PC title. Shrek 2 lacks anything that could be called substance or fun. Between collision glitches that continually prevent you from making jumps, a horrible camera, boring and repetitive gameplay, and shoddy production values, Shrek 2 can't be recommended to anyone. Frustration caused by the controls and camera will plague children, and adults will be bored by Shrek 2's simplicity. It isn't even intentionally funny.If you crave an interactive version of the movie, pick up a copy of Shrek 2 for GameCube, PlayStation 2, or Xbox. Don't play the PC title -- unless you happen to get it for free and enjoy mocking bad games...and even then wasting two hours on it is a tough call.

    Score details
    Presentation (3/10)
    It fails to capture anything of Shrek 2 besides the characters and storyline.
    Graphics (5.5/10)
    Graphics are not impressive. Main features are repeated, bland textures and clunky animation.
    Sound (4/10)
    The music is ok. The voice acting is horrible. This game is best played muted.
    Gameplay (4/10)
    Although it's meant for kids, Shrek 2 features clunky controls, horrible camera, and very simplistic and repetitive gameplay.
    Lasting Appeal (1/10)
    This game is bad, boring, and short. There's no reason to play it -- heaven forbid someone tackle it twice.

    17 år sedan
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    CNET Australia


    • Fans of the movie will like it
    • A simple game for younger players


    • Annoying camera
    • Dodgy collision detection

    Younger players might appreciate Shrek 2 for a little while, but any experienced gamer should steer well clear of Activision's movie-tie in.

    17 år sedan
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    13 år sedan