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Red Faction II (PC)

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  • Is blowing stuff up really all that important? We find out.

    Red Faction II is fun, certainly, but single-player is a bit too linear and bit too short, even if the combat is engaging, well-thought out, and generally intense. Since this really isn't a game to buy if you are only planning on playing it solo to finish the campaign (given its brevity), and since weak botmatches are hardly enough to hold interest for long amounts of time, you really have to take a step back and look at the game and whether or not you want to continually play it. It's very sad to see such failed potential. Given higher production values, tweaked and improved graphics and a freaking multiplayer mode, Red Faction II could have really been something to dig. Unfortunately, it simply has too little going for it to stack up against the endless waves of PC first-person shooters that trounce the title in so many other ways. So, it relies solely on its decent combat system and its geo-modding technology to achieve a well-rounded kind of decency that could have been so much more.

    Score details
    Presentation (6/10)
    Saving and loading is all out of whack. Dan made a comment about the menus and likened them to old DOS games, which I can see. To its credit, RF II runs well and loads quick.
    Graphics (7/10)
    Nothing terrible nor terribly exciting, Red Faction II offers up solid animations, a good feel, but a lot of bland, washed out designs, poor textures, aged characters, and angular everything.
    Sound (8.5/10)
    Every gun sounds and feels amazing. Ricochets, environmental noises and people are all solid. Music comes from the first title, and some of the non-professional voices are wretched. Go Repta!
    Gameplay (8/10)
    While the levels are linear, the fighting is top notch and fun. Geo-modding isn't used to its fullest potential, but it serves as a decent but superficial way of enjoying the aftermath of a battle.
    Lasting Appeal (5.5/10)
    Botmatch is more than some games have, but no multiplayer and an exceedingly short singleplayer campaign, despite how enjoyable it is, just don't cut it.

    18 år sedan
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    Red Faction II 11 Years-Later Review

    ConclusionIs this eleven-year-old game one worth returning to? I would say no unless you just want to spend some time in something. Red Faction II simply fails to distinguish itself in any way today. The graphics are fine at best; the story is lacking and formulaic; and the gameplay is fun some of the time, but not all of the time. For that reason I cannot recommend adding it to your library.Now if you end up adding Red Faction II to your library by purchasing a bundle or collection that includes it, feel free to play it. There is some enjoyment to be had from it. Just do not expect much from it.