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Project Eden (PC)

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Externa recensioner om Project Eden (PC)
  • It's fresh, a bit different, and soaked in style, design, and atmosphere. Fear the under life.

    Score details
    Presentation (8.5/10)
    The menu system is very slick, and the scrolling cityscape provides an excellent initial impression of the world and style. The crappy box art taints the game somewhat, but nothing's perfect.
    Graphics (9/10)
    The color saturated architecture and vast environments are truly excellent, despite somewhat lax texturing (forgivable when taking into consideration the game's sheer size).
    Sound (8.5/10)
    Atmospheric background noises complimented by solid voice work drown out the what little annoyances are there. Music is for the most part nonexistent, but never bothersome.
    Gameplay (9/10)
    Highly enjoyable, sensible, logical puzzle elements that can be completed by observing and interacting with the environment are broken up by brief bouts of somewhat drawn out combat.
    Lasting Appeal (8.5/10)
    The multiplayer component (including cooperative play) add to the already acceptable length of the single player campaign. There could've been more, but similar games don't even go that far.

    20 år sedan