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No Man's Land: Fight for Your Rights (PC)

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Externa recensioner om No Man's Land: Fight for Your Rights (PC)
  • Heading into uncharted territory.

    Age of Mythology and Command and Conquer: Generals are casting a long shadow over the genre right now with their recent expansion packs. As such, there's no compelling reason to pick No Man's Land over the other two choices, unless it was at a budget price. But at $39.99 MSRP, it just doesn't offer comparable content. The mechanics feel a bit stale and it's just too frustrating trying to keep your units together. There also doesn't seem to be much historical accuracy throughout the game, which is unusual for a period strategy game.

    Score details
    Presentation (7.8/10)
    The interface and mechanics should be intuitive to RTS veterans, but seeming lack of historical rigor creates some continual confusion and annoyance.
    Graphics (8.5/10)
    The buildings, foliage and water all look great and have a good deal of color, but all unit models are pretty blocky. The contrast is a bit distracting.
    Sound (8.4/10)
    Lots of environmental sound, faction-specific music, great theme song, but combat sounds are pretty limited.
    Gameplay (6.8/10)
    Unit control is extremely difficult; units are either disobedient and suicidal, or helplessly immobile
    Lasting Appeal (7.4/10)
    If you've already played through the Closing Comments games...wait until this one has gone down in price before picking it up if you're still jonesing for an RTS.

    17 år sedan
  • Evolution at its most nonexistent.