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Madagascar (PC)

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Externa recensioner om Madagascar (PC)
  • Furry friends come to the rescue.

    Those looking for a good, kid-focused platformer will find it in Madagascar. It doesn't force you through level after level of mindless item collection. Instead, it boasts a number of well-designed levels that feature a variety of play styles. It's nothing extraordinary, mind you, and it's nothing innovative, but it plays well. Plus it comes wrapped in a package brimming with funny dialogue, decent animation and many unlockable extras. Definitely one to rent(or buy) for the kiddies.

    Score details
    Presentation (7/10)
    Nice animation, funny dialogue and generally good voice acting. No super heinous bugs.
    Graphics (6.5/10)
    Boasts good character animation and a colorful game world. Also has crappy textures and less-than-stellar character models, though.
    Sound (7/10)
    Funny voice work actually helps make the game better. Decent, yet uninspired tunes.
    Gameplay (6.5/10)
    Varied game play styles, but none is really extraordinary. Still fun over all.
    Lasting Appeal (6.5/10)
    Relatively short quest, but there's much to unlock.

    16 år sedan