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Incoming Forces (PC)

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  • Conclusion
    However repetitious, Incoming Forces is an enjoyable but pithy action title whose only real faults are far too heavy a slant on constant shooting, a whacked control configuration system, zero multiplayer of worth, and a complete failure to deliver on what the game logically should have aspired to become. The potential scope is there, the graphics are there, the flight dynamics are there, the premise is there, the delivery is not.Had a greater, more varied multiplayer component been included alongside the ability to jump in and out of any vehicle of more types and variations at any given time -- even proceeding on-foot into structures and whatnot when necessary or wished -- then this game could have delivered an epic experience to rival Battlefield, only on a precise, sci-fi level. Perhaps it could have become the next Battlezone, sans the strategy, or even the first Halo, what PC gamers envision that title ultimately turning into. As is, Rage's latest is a novel if fleeting romp through a nostalgic age when just blowing the living hell out of everything in sight was enough. Still, it longs for improvement across the board, and thus must settle with being pigeonholed into that drab, but good and easily above average land we like to call the high sevens. Better action titles abound, try this one before you invest. It's not smart nor particularly demanding, but it is engaging, smooth and briefly fun.

    Score details
    Presentation (5.5/10)
    On the one hand, we get a copy of the original Incoming. On the other, we get lacking multiplayer, terrible control configuration, menu crashes, and straightforward mission structure.
    Graphics (8.5/10)
    Incoming Forces may not be the most complex or extraneously detailed game in existence, but the levels are vast, the colors rich, the effects ample, and the action smooth.
    Sound (7/10)
    An uplifting, if Ewok laden soundtrack accentuates alien garbles and soothing engine hums. But, annoying humans and underwhelming explosions/weapon blasts leave a bit to be desired.
    Gameplay (8/10)
    The sad fact is that it's not Starlancer, but it is still a solid, no-frills shooter, only cleaned and polished to an impressive shine. Looking for the next Starfighter or AquaNox?
    Lasting Appeal (2/10)
    Each mission is exceedingly long, but once all have been beaten, little can be expected to hold interest. Multiplayer is limited beyond reproach -- clearly an obligatory afterthought.

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