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Horizons: Empire of Istaria (PC)

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Externa recensioner om Horizons: Empire of Istaria (PC)
  • The war for Istaria begins...

    Horizons has its share of problems, from bugs to class imbalances, but in general its first month has gone pretty smoothly. There hasn't been too much downtime, and since I started playing, there hasn't been a single time I wanted to play and couldn't because the server was down. None of the bugs are showstoppers and class imbalances are relatively unimportant except for overachievers who like to be the best and the first. Horizons is a community game, though, where players have to come together to rebuild the world and fight back the ever present threat of the Withered Aegis, so what benefits one player benefits the entire community. The ability to totally customize a character through multi-classing, the dichotomy of adventuring and crafting, the crafting system that will make most crafters extremely happy, plenty of low level content, good graphics and incredible music, along with a deep lore is worth a look if you think those things might be of interest to you. Like most MMOs, the game is what you make it.

    Score details
    Presentation (7/10)
    Customizable interface that is pretty intuitive, good tutorial, but limited information in the manual and on the website.
    Graphics (7/10)
    There are beautiful landscapes, some good character models, some so-so character models, and lots of room for improvement. Good, overall.
    Sound (9/10)
    Incredible music and good sound effects.
    Gameplay (8/10)
    Some bugs that become annoying, but no showstoppers. A large variety, with both crafting and adventuring being viable choices. No limits to what you can do.
    Lasting Appeal (8.5/10)
    Its an MMO, known for their addictive nature (*must. get. next. level*)

    17 år sedan