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Fujifilm FinePix X100F

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Fujifilm X100F är fjärde generationens kamera i X100-serien med högupplöst sensor, inget optiskt lågpassfilter och snabb bildprocessor. Använder ett ljusstarkt vidvinkelobjektiv och har en hybridsökare som är både elektronisk och optisk. Har inbyggt WiFi-stöd för att skicka bilder trådlöst till en mobiltelefon, har inbyggt ND-filter som hjälper i starkt solljus och spelar in video i full-HD med hög bitrate. Fujifilm X100F släpptes tillsammans med Fujifilm XT20 under 2017. Stäng
Fujifilm X100F är fjärde generationens kamera i X100-serien med högupplöst sensor, inget optiskt lågpassfilter och snabb bildprocessor. Använder ett ljusstarkt vidvinkelobjektiv o... Läs mer
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    Test: Fujifilm X100F – evolution utan revolution

    Conclusion Fujifilm X100F är en något speciell kamera eftersom den har så många spännande och häftiga funktioner i ett smart, kompakt och snyggt designat kamerahus. Ren ingenjörskonst, utan tvekan. Men på samma gång kan man även tycka att vissa saker skulle vara bättre efter så många tidigare modeller, som exempelvis autofokusen. Kameran som helhet har däremot snabbats upp något, upplösningen har ökats, funktionerna har blivit några fler och reglagen något bättre. En evolution snarare än en revolution, om än en positiv sådan. För gatufotografen eller den som behöver en mycket smidigt och snabbjobbad kamera som faktiskt följer med ut, är detta fortfarande fullträffen som har mycket av det som behövs – och lite till – med ett fantastiskt bildresultat.    Kamera & Bild ger Fujifilm X100F utmärkelsen "Toppklass".

    3 år sedan
  • Fujifilm X100F review


    • Beautiful design
    • Hybrid viewfinder
    • Excellent image quality
    • Bigger battery
    • Film simulation modes


    • ISO dial not that practical
    • 1080p video only

    Fujifilm's philosophy of 'Kaizen', or continuous improvement, is perfectly illustrated with the Fujifilm X100F. Since the arrival of the X100 back in 2011, the company has tweaked, refined and added new features to each iteration. All three models before the X100F had lots going for them, and while each version has improved on the preceding model, none has quite hit the heights we've been hoping for. However, with the X100F, Fujifilm has pretty much made the perfect enthusiast compact camera.While on the face if it it may look like not much has changed, the X100F heralds the biggest set of improvements yet. Image quality is very good indeed – the camera handles noise well at high sensitivities and the broad dynamic range offers plenty of flexibility, while the Film Simulation modes deliver lovely results. It's in the refinement of the control layout where the biggest changes have been made though, with the arrival of the front command dial and focus lever at the rear transforming the handling of the Fujifilm X100F. The ISO dial has been a little less successful, but set it to 'A' and either use the command dial to adjust ISO or simply rely on Auto ISO, and this becomes a moot point. Factor in the other tactile body-mounted controls and unique hybrid viewfinder, and the X100F is a lovely camera to go out and take pictures with.Autofocus might not quite be the quickest out there, but it's now much more responsive than we've seen on previous models, and delivers a noticeable step up in performance. Compared to some cameras out there, the X100F with its fixed lens is perhaps a little niche, and for many this will be a indulgent purchase to supplement an existing camera system. The growing range of 1-inch sensor premium compacts may offer greater flexibility thanks to their zoom lenses, but they can't match the X100F's shooting experience, and can cost a good bit more – the Leica Q is almost three times the price – and that's even when you factor in the notable price hike over the X100T. The X100F then may be a touch pricey, but there's nothing quite like it. It's an exquisite camera to look at and shoot with, and those who treat themselves to it won't be disappointed. CompetitionPanasonic Lumix LX100This is one of our favourite compact cameras. Panasonic has shoehorned a Micro Four Thirds sensor into a pretty compact body, but rather than a prime lens the LX100 is equipped with a 24-75mm, f/1.7-2.8 standard zoom, while there are a host of body mounted controls too. There's also an EVF, and it can shoot 4K as well. The LX100 was expensive when it was launched, but the price has fallen steadily, and this is still an amazing and unique camera.Read the full review: Panasonic Lumix LX100

    3 år sedan
  • Fujifilm X100F

    Design: 10/10
    Features: 8/10
    Ease-of-use: 9/10
    Image quality: 10/10
    Value for money: 7/10

    3 år sedan