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Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance (PC)

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Externa recensioner om Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance (PC)
  • Dismember the past with Acclaim's gory sleeper surprise.

    There are few moments in the videogame world that are as satisfying as finding something that exceeds expectations. And that's exactly what happened when we sat down to give Acclaim's Sword of Vengeance a thorough playthrough. Far from being perfect and definitely open to improvement, Gladiator isn't going to win any awards or change the way we look at videogames. What it will do, however, is help pass the time away for nine to twelve hours with its mindless but ultimately fun approach to the genre.In fact, we'd have to put it up there right alongside as one of the premiere guilty pleasures of the holiday season. And we can't imagine a better weekend for videogame fans other than sitting down in front of the television set to give those two a try.

    Score details
    Presentation (8.6/10)
    Basically what would happen if Ridley Scott's Gladiator had tripled its elements of the supernatural and hooked up with Ray Harryhausen. In short, it's pretty darned cool.
    Graphics (7.3/10)
    The lighting effects, shadows, and fatality scenes are all top-notch. But the basic character models and problematic framerate hurt it. Props to the camera guy, though.
    Sound (8/10)
    We love good videogame soundtracks and Gladiator is lucky enough to have one. Luckily the voice acting is just a strong. Sadly, the audio effects are pretty sparse.
    Gameplay (7.7/10)
    Despite its somewhat limited combo system, the multitude of different weapons and magical spells help accentuate an appropriately challenging experience. Not perfect, but damn it -- it's fun.
    Lasting Appeal (7.5/10)
    Most gamers are looking at about nine to twelve hours of gameplay with tons of secret challenges and upgrades to hunt down as they progress. Entertaining enough to want to play again.

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