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Netgear ReadyNAS 628X RN628X00

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    NETGEAR ReadyNAS 628X NAS Review


    • Fantastic design that is both rugged and appealing
    • Combination of good performance and useful enterprise-grade features
    • Easy-to-use management software


    • Front unlabeled interface can be confusing to use

    Conclusion The Netgear ReadyNAS 628X is a solid addition to Netgear’s SMB NAS line, and offers everything small and medium sized businesses need to either implement a new data server or upgrade their current infrastructure. It also offers a nice boost in performance and storage capacity compared to the 6-bay 626X model of the same family. With its 8 drive bays, the 628X supports up to 80TB using a single device as well as the ability to scale to a generous 140TB via the Netgear expansion chassis. Netgear is known for making stylish-looking NAS solutions, and this is certainly no exception: the 628X features a modern, premium metal build that sports a very slick silver faceplate that acts as a door for the drive bays. As such, this is an NAS that is meant to be displayed in the open, and not under a desk or tucked away in a closet. The 628X also comes bundled with ReadyNAS OS, a powerful, yet easy-to-use, data management software. The ReadyNAS 628X is powered by components that seemingly to cater toward a small enterprise. This includes an Intel D-1521 Quad Core 2.4GHz Xeon Server Processor and 8GB of DDR4 ECC RAM, both of which helped perform well during our extensive benchmark tests. During our long sample of random 4k performance (100% write and 100% read activity), for example, the 628X recorded 51,378 IOPS write in RAID10 and 33,722 IOPS read in RAID6 when configured in iSCSI, while CIFS connectivity posted 32,752 write and 14,542 read both in RAID10. In 100% 8k sequential throughput, the ReadyNAS 628X SSD configuration posted 221,393 IOPS in reads (RAID6) and 167767 in writes (RAID10), while HDD iSCSI RAID6 configuration recorded 137,020 IOPS write and 181,298 IOPS read. Moreover, during our mixed workload profiles, the 628X had a range of 12,585 IOPS to 34953 IOPS in iSCSI. In our last benchmark (a large-block 128k sequential test), the ReadyNAS 628X showed impressive read performance during CIFS connectivity configured in RAID10 with 2.27GB/s while the HDD RAID10 setup recorded 2.26GB/s. The top-performing configuration in writes was yielded by our SSD iSCSI setup, which posted 1.87GB/s.

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