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Netgear ReadyNAS 524X RN524X00

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  • NETGEAR RN524X SMB 10Gbe NAS Review

    Conclusion Like the RN626X, the 524X is built like a tank. Internally, NETGEAR has deployed a steel frame and outside a mix of metal panels and plastic bits. The drive trays are metal, but tool-less, a positive in my book, and the LCD panel is clear with blue with white text. The front panel five-button system can be confusing for the novice but is self-explanatory if you are tech savvy at the least.  Performance of this solution was quite amazing as it was able to keep up with larger bay platforms including the 626X which uses better internal hardware. Single Client testing with NASPT is really on its last leg as far as 10Gbe units are concerned but it does give a third metric over IOMeter results and to that point we did see the 524X take top honors in a few testing scenarios. The first was RAID 0 2x playback at 868 MB/s with the next best unit being the ReadyNAS 626X at 665 MB/s. RAID 5 had a few moments of its own including 4x playback at 977 MB/s and file copy at 644 MB/s. Moving over to sequential performance, we found the 524X to read the quickest at 1173 MB/s while write performance was above average at 870 MB/s. Adding in RAID 5 and 6, we have a NAS that is consistently the quickest with sequential read operations. With workload testing, the 524X provided a consistent 8000 IOPS with RAID 0 and 5000 – 6000 in RAID 5 and 6. A large part of the NAS experience comes from the firmware OS, and as of this writing, NETGEAR is on version 6 for the 524X. With that said the platform hasn't changed much over the years and for me has always been stable supporting most used features such as SMB, AFP, and NFS file services with iSCSI, Rsync and onboard Antivirus for those that want that added bit of protection and functionality.

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    NETGEAR ReadyNAS 524X Review


    • Solid performance
    • Easy-to-use management software
    • On-board 10GbE in a 4-bay NAS


    • Front panel interface may be confusing for new users

    Conclusion The ReadyNAS 524X is another solid release by Netgear that offers more of the same. Designed for small to medium businesses as well as home offices, the new Netgear 4-bay NAS is equipped to work seamlessly as a file-server, backup, disaster-recovery, and storage-virtualization solution, as well as a personal cloud, with file sharing and sync capabilities. The 524X supports up to a generous 40TB of total storage and has on board 10GbE. The 524X also features comprehensive and easy-to-use management software through the ReadyNAS OS. Diving into its performance, the NAS showed good overall results for its class. For example, during our long sample of random 4K performance (100% write and 100% read activity), we measured the 524X with 641 IOPS write and 381 IOPS read in iSCSI, while reaching 650 IOPS write and 313 IOPS read in CIFS. Over 1G LAN in 100% 8K sequential throughput, there was little discrepancy between iSCSI and CIFS, as we recorded the 524X with 28,677 IOPS read and 26,583 IOPS write, and 28595 IOPS read and 27,018 IOPS write, respectively. Moreover during our mixed workload profiles, the 524X found its best performance under iSCSI with a range of 353 IOPS to 417 IOPS, while posting a range of 331 IOPS to 343 IOPS in CIFS. In our last benchmark (a large-block 128K sequential test), the ReadyNAS 524X had virtually identical results in both iSCSI and CIFS, recording 231.4MB/s read and 224.7MB/s write, and 231.3MB/s read and 225.0MB/s write, respectively. Looking at performance over the single 10G link the 524X offers, we saw dramatic upticks in performance in our sequential tests, with 8K throughput more than doubling in read metrics, and 128K sequential bandwidth showing a 5x improvement over dual 1G links.

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