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Dead to Rights (PC)

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Externa recensioner om Dead to Rights (PC)
  • Max Payne meets Grand Theft Auto.

    The game is a good deal of fun once the patch is in place. Had the fighting engine been better, this one could have trounced Max Payne as king of the bullet-time games. But the fighting is too plain, too poor, and there's far too much of it.Namco may have been too subtle in presenting this as a movie-style game. You'll hear comments that you dismiss early on that actually have a subtle relevance later on. Things that in a Stallone movie would include a close up on Sly's face as he made the odd remark. Something that made it stand out. And then at the end of the movie, after the final battle, the audience would have that line pop back into their head and they'd smile. "Oh, how clever." But the cleverness is a bit too subdued here. Still, these qualms aside, DTR makes for a solid pick up, once you've installed the patch.

    Score details
    Presentation (8/10)
    The game is exactly what it sets out to be, a cop movie video game, but it's been overshadowed by other releases.
    Graphics (7.5/10)
    The graphics weren't special even on the console versions, and the textures look kinda grungy here.
    Sound (7.5/10)
    Good use of positional sound effects, but no use of the center channel.
    Gameplay (7/10)
    This game is dead out of the box on a number of systems. Gun combat was fun and visceral, but the hand-to-hand elements really needed to be better.
    Lasting Appeal (8/10)
    The game is about nine hours of recorded game time, but you will spend a good three-to-four hours dying over and over again... it's that tough. It will take a while to unlock all the disarms.

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