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Casino Empire (PC)

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Externa recensioner om Casino Empire (PC)
  • Grafik 6/10 i betyg
    Ljud/Musik 7/10 i betyg
    Spelkänsla 5/10 i betyg
    Hållbarhet 1/10 i betyg

    19 år sedan
  • Conclusion
    A tycoon game with zero lasting appeal and even less challenge (oddly true) is simply not a tycoon game. Like the real Vegas, the posh nature of Casino Empire is only skin deep. When more robust titles are as readily available as they are, the stringy meat behind this one's superficial veil of lights and glitzy attractions is so thin and unpalatable that it barely warrants a passing mention, even if only in jest. Gameplay that builds upon troublesome and confounding faults lurking deep in an unaccommodating interface to create effortlessly conquered pseudo-challenges is not a substitute for tried and true thought, strategy, and managing practices. Coupled with a narrow scope, this broken design only swells the greater problem of there simply not being much to do. Unfortunately, what is to be done is only taxing on a player because of the troubles inherent to the game's design. It's dull and it's easy.An exercise in tedium and frustration that's best left in the box, Casino Tycoon's few positives do little to balance out a mass of overwhelming negatives that avid players of the genre and even casual fans will find sorely displeasing.It's sort of a nice place to visit, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to live here.

    Score details
    Presentation (6.5/10)
    Packaging a title with a demo to a future product and a full version of Hoyle's Classic Games is smart, but genius alone won't remedy the problems with this one, like the Interface, for example.
    Graphics (6.5/10)
    No rotation is blasphemous. Animation, art and the rest are all in keeping with familiar tycoon games of years past, which is to say dated, but still strangely satisfactory in some respects.
    Sound (8/10)
    Speech in this and games of the type have become expected and accepted. The music, always familiar and pleasant, gets repetitious, hence the thoughtful inclusion of the MP3 player.
    Gameplay (5.5/10)
    Games of the sort revolve heavily around hitting players with fun and challenging trials and tasks. When these problems are overcome by playing Where's Waldo, there really isn't much left.
    Lasting Appeal (3.5/10)
    I can beat the empire mode in a day. Since sandbox is just a repeat of experienced casinos and problems, only with less challenge, there really isn't much point in going back.

    19 år sedan
  • A tycoon game for mobster kids