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Gigabyte GA-Z270-Gaming K3

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  • Gigabyte GA-Z270-Gaming K3


    • Fast in gaming tests
    • Solid core features
    • More affordable than rivals


    • Missing enthusiast features
    • Middling in application tests

    ConclusionThe Gigabyte doesn’t have every feature I’d like to see on a gaming motherboard, but its solid design means that unnecessary additions are given the boot while the important stuff stays nailed to the PCB. It’s fast in the games benchmark, too. It’s the ideal board for building a budget gaming PC.

    1 år sedan
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    Conclusion Clearly the Z270-Gaming K3 delivered some marvellous performance results. Most were within the parameters we would expect, although this motherboard’s performance in our memory bandwidth test is standout enough to be considered unusual. That might be because this motherboard is later to market, but after several run throughs the motherboard delivered near identical results on that particular benchmark. Elsewhere it’s clear Gigabyte has a finely tuned product here. The Z270-Gaming K3 led the pack in our Geekbench and Cinebench tests, and performed significantly in Firestrike. This motherboard also took the lead in our two key gaming tests – proving it lives up to its name – but doing so with a high power draw only rivalled by the Aorus Gaming 7. What’s the takeaway here then? Well we can vouch for the validity of our benchmarks, having re-visited and ensuring their accuracy. The other motherboards featured in these results were early Z270 releases – no doubt now benefiting from BIOS updates resulting in improved performance. Nonetheless we’re happy with what this motherboard has served up, especially at a price-point lower than the Gold Award winning Prime Z270-A. And we can’t do it a disservice based n the performance it’s delivering for us right now. Given its strong performance showing, connectivity, features, style and user-friendly approach to cooling, we happily giving this motherboard our Value Award. It shouldn’t be thought of as lesser to the Gold Award either. This is a superb motherboard in its own right, and at a really great price. Summary