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Netgear ReadyNAS 626X RN626X00

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  • NETGEAR ReadyNAS 626X 10Gbe NAS Review

    Conclusion I was really surprised with the performance of the NETGEAR ReadyNAS 626X. To be honest, I expected to get a little more out of it with mixed workloads we ran through it. With that said, it could all be on the firmware release we tested on. Build quality, however, left me quite pleased. I was happy to see a full-on metal shell covered by even more steel and topped off with tool-less drive trays and aesthetics via the brushed front panel. The built-in LCD is on a constant rotation and doles out information about the NAS and its status.  The ReadyNAS platform as a whole is more storage driven than any other platform I have tested. NETGEAR doesn't deal in making their appliances act as a second PC. That makes navigation within the user interface rather smooth and familiar especially for those that have used any of their products in the past including routers. Even so, NETGEAR does offer a few options for applications, one being Plex Media Server along with its download station app just to name a few. The performance of this appliances was superb in both Single Client testing and sequential throughput. First, a single client showed our highest rate yet with File Copy topping 900 MB/s to the NAS. We also broke a few records with Video Record and Playback reaching 775 MB/s and 650 MB/s, respectively. Over in sequential throughput, the 626X didn't disappoint reaching the peak of 1148 MB/s in write performance and 762 MB/s in reading. Single and dual redundancy showed solid performance too dropping just 50 MB/s on reading throughput. Overall, the ReadyNAS RN626X is top to bottom a data storage tank. With its MSRP at $1799 empty, it will take some convincing for some, but for anyone needing awesome and pure storage capability, NETGEAR stands behind this solution with a five-year warranty.

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    NETGEAR ReadyNAS 626X NAS Review


    • Durable build with a modern design
    • Strong performance, offering features such as snap-shots
    • Easy-to-use management software


    • Front unlabeled interface can be confusing to use

    Conclusion The Netgear ReadyNAS 626X is a dependable SMB NAS offering that will satisfy the needs of small businesses and home offices. It comes equipped with 6 drive bays and supports upwards of 110TB in storage when leveraging the Netgear expansion chassis. For those who believe that looks matter, the 626X certainly fits that need: it sports a unique, premium build with a slick looking silver faceplate, allowing the NAS to sit nicely alongside any workstation and out in the open. The 626X also features comprehensive and easy-to-use management software through the ReadyNAS OS. The ReadyNAS 626X is comes well equipped with enterprise-minded components as well. Under the hood lie an Intel Xeon Quad-Core (2.4GHz Xeon) Server Processor and 8GB of DDR4 ECC RAM. This allowed it to perform well during our extensive benchmark tests. For example, during our long sample of random 4k performance (100% write and 100% read activity), we measured the 626X with 1,959 IOPS write and 345 IOPS read when configured in iSCSI, while CIFS connectivity recorded 257 IOPS read and 1,991 IOPS write. In 100% 8k sequential throughput, the ReadyNAS 626X posted 57,363 IOPS read and 49,714 IOPS write, and 57,148 IOPS read and 49,364 IOPS write during iSCSI and CIFS, respectively. Moreover during our mixed workload profiles, the 626X boasted a range of 283 IOPS to 494 IOPS in the terminal queue depths in iSCSI, while posting a range of 255 IOPS to 318 IOPS in CIFS. In our last benchmark (a large-block 128k sequential test), the ReadyNAS 626X showed strong performance in both CIFS and iSCSI: 462MB/s read and 435MB/s write, and 463mb/s read and 443MBs write, respectively. 

    2 år sedan
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    NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN626X Reviewed


    • Two built-in Standard
      10GbE ports
    • Built-in antivirus
    • Expandable to 11-bays via expansion unit
    • BTRFS Filesystem (unlimited volume snapshots)
    • No lock on disks or drive bay door