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Righteous Kill (US)

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Externa recensioner om Righteous Kill (US)
  • High-Def Digest

    The Movie Itself: 2/10
    HD Video Quality: 8/10
    HD Audio Quality: 6/10
    Supplements: 4/10
    High-Def Extras: 0/10

    Enough has been said about Pacino and De Niro being in the same film together. That's all 'Righteous Kill' has to hang its hat on. Sadly though, a movie is a team effort, and two great actors still can?t pull this film out of mediocrity. Their talents are wasted on clunky dialogue and a painfully predictable police drama. While 'Righteous Kill' does include quite a few scenes of stunning visual clarity (it really does look quite good, so if you're just in the market for a really detailed picture, then pick it up and play it on mute), it's not enough to warrant even a weak recommendation. With the soundtrack, special features, and movie being so bland, this is one to skip.

    11 år sedan