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B&W 703

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  • Performance: 4/5
    Value: 4/5

    High Points:

    • The 703's free-mounted Nautilus tweeter is so sweet, composed and agile that you can listen to it for days on end without fatigue, even at high volumes. Because it is essentially free of coloration from a cabinet, it is pinpoint-accurate and allows for a larger than normal sweet spot, as well as injecting a bit more detail into the 703's soundstage. 
    • The 703's midrange performance is almost unheard of at its price, rivaling speakers costing twice if not three times as much. Female vocals (and film dialogue) especially shine through the 703. 
    • The 703's bass response and definition is taut, quick, a touch dry and plenty deep in most rooms, making it a very full-range loudspeaker in most rooms and/or situations. If you want to rock the floorboards, you can add a subwoofer, though it's not quite the necessity it is with other speakers in the 703's class.
    • Dynamically, the 703 isn't going to make you jump out of your seat at first, for it doesn't shout, but rather simply applies emphasis to its already stellar musicality and detail. It's a weird effect at first, but completely natural and, when compared to other speakers, makes the competition sound artificial and/or fake in some ways.

    Low Points:

    • As far as Bowers & Wilkins speakers go, the 703 is not going to win any beauty pageants. While not ugly, the 703 is more traditional and plain-looking than the rest of the well-dressed family. 
    • The 703's speaker grilles make the speaker look a bit goofy, in my opinion. Removing the grilles adds a dash of presence to the speaker, while allowing it to look a bit more tasteful. 
    • The 703's binding posts are adequate, but their placement and spacing makes connecting certain speaker wires more of a chore.

    You can't throw a rock in the audiophile or home theater community without hitting a $3,000 to $5,000 speaker. While the 703 sits towards the bottom of that pricing scale, its performance is anything but low. The 703 is getting on in years and I wouldn't be surprised if Bowers & Wilkins updates the entire line soon, but in the meantime, the 703 is still an insane bargain and an even more insane speaker.

    12 år sedan
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    Bowers & Wilkins 703 Loudspeakers

    IntroductionThereare few audio companies that carry a brand equal to that of B&W.For many years Bowers and Wilkins, a British speaker manufacturerbetter known as B&W, have produced speakers that are argued to beat the top of each price class they compete in. Over a decade ago, theB&W Matrix 801s dominated the over $10,000 class with a speakerthat was referenced by many professionals in the industry. After 801scame the futuristic yet functional Nautilus speakers. This $40,000-plusspeaker looked radically different than anything consumers had everseen. Sonically, the Nautilus was a masterpiece that employedtechnology meant to reduce internal resonances. This technology hadprecisely measured and formed tapering tubes with a conch-like shellform on the bottom. Much like Acura did with their flagship NSX sportscar, the Nautilus line of speakers trickled down cutting-edge speakertechnology to price categories that everyday music and movieenthusiasts could afford. The ...