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Cambridge Audio DacMagic

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  • Cambridge Audio DacMagic

    An excellent DAC, but now superceded by newer models

    10 år sedan
  • PC

    Cambridge Audio has introduced an affordable high-end-quality DAC for use with computers and home entertainment devices alike. The DacMagic seems to revel in bringing out the best in digital stereo sound, whether MP3 or lossless music on a computer, or digital sound from TV and DVD. As remarkable as the performance is the DacMagic’s price. Less than £200 buys you an superb investment for studio quality audio reproduction

    11 år sedan
  • Cambridge Audio DACMagic review


    • User-selectable filters allow a degree of tuning to taste
    • Basic sound is excellent
    • Clear and highly detailed
    • Remarkably neutral
    • Energetically rhythmic


    • No volume control
    • Lacks audiophile credibility that comes with acres of 10mm-thick front panel

    The performance of the DACMagic is so good it's almost embarrassing. Not only does it sound great, it locks to incoming signals almost instantly and takes up very little space. Balanced output too – what more could one want?

    11 år sedan