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Apple iPhone SE 16GB

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  • Test: Apple Iphone SE


    • Ios och apparna
    • Bra fingeravtrycksläsare


    • Inga nyheter

    Score Details

    • Telefoni & Data: 8/10
    • Multimedia: 7/10
    • System & program: 8/10
    • Användarupplevelse: 7/10
    • Material & kvalitet: 9/10
    • Totalbetyg: 78%

    4 år sedan
  • iPhone SE review

    Conclusion OUR VERDICT It was about time Apple updated its 4-inch iPhone line (and there remain a few of us whose small hands and pockets will appreciate this more portable design), and this is a sensible refresh of a much-loved product. We'd forgotten about just how nice it is to hold and use a petite 4in smartphone, and just how comfortable it is to handle one-handed. The SE is as fast as an iPhone 6s thanks to the A9 chipset and as portable as an iPhone 5s, so if you're in the market for a new 4in smartphone then this is a very good choice. While the lack of 3D Touch, a barometer, second-gen Touch ID or a 128GB storage option are all irritants, that's a combination that will be enough to convince a lot of Apple fans. Essentially, it's good... for those that need it.

    3 år sedan
  • iPhone SE


    • Compact body
    • Great camera
    • Excellent performance
    • Solid battery life


    • Average screen
    • Poor front-facing camera

    3 år sedan
  • iPhone SE review


    • Great power
    • Longer battery than 5S
    • Lower price


    • Tired design
    • Old, old screen technology
    • Rattling home key

    With the iPhone SE, Apple's fixed a big problem: price. Given the internals on offer here, this would have been close to a perfect phone if it weren't for a few glaring omissions.Firstly, we needed a new design for this to be seen as the next step in the 4-inch phone cycle. And it's not like Apple doesn't have a perfectly brilliant design just waiting there to be retooled, rounded edges combined with a more palm-friendly shape. Man, that would have been amazing.The screen also had to be better for this to be seen as a brilliant phone. It's fine, and in some instances still looks sharp. But compared to the rest of the market, it's been left behind - but then again, Apple needed to make some savings to keep its high margins on the iPhone, and this was clearly one of those (the cost of making those screens is reportedly a lot lower than it was a few years ago as processes have improved).Will the iPhone SE pull in any Android users fed up with having to wrap their hands around devices they consider too big? Actually, yes - such is the clamour I hear from people not wedded to any particular brand for a phone that 'I can use one handed'.Phones like the Nexus 5X tried to solve this itch, but are nowhere near the compact dimensions of the SE.There are two ways of looking at this phone from Apple: on the one hand, it's the perfect 4-inch phone, coming with so much power, a great camera and improved battery life, all wrapped in Apple's well-crafted iPhone chassis and delivering true simplicity with iOS. I know that combination will have people falling over themselves to buy the phone.On the other hand, it's just 2011's design rebadged and a new engine put inside. Far from being a new phone, it's the iPhone 5SS, another iteration on an old design - but one that's a lot cheaper to buy. It's also got a much smaller screen, where it's proved that larger displays are the popular choice now, with apps in particular making use of the extra space.Ultimately, Apple's given consumers a great choice here and actually for a half-decent price. The iPhone SE is a brilliant phone for those that want something smaller in their pocket and don't care about tired design - and I suspect there will be quite a few of those buyers out there.First reviewed: April 2016CompetitionNot convinced this is the phone for you? Then these are the ones to check out:iPhone 7Want the latest and greatest iPhone? The iPhone 7 is the best on the market right now and has a far nicer design than the iPhone SE.Problem is you'll lose the useful 3.5mm headphone jack if you were to choose the iPhone 7 and it's going to be a lot more expensive than the iPhone SE.It does come with the latest A10 Fusion processor, 4.7-inch screen and upgraded camera to make it that little bit more attractive though.Read the review: iPhone 7iPhone 6SIf it's the former then the iPhone 6S is your obvious other choice - it's got all the same power but in a bigger (and sleeker) frame, with the curved edges sitting nicely in the hand.However, the screen sharpness isn't improved (although it's brighter and clearer overall) and you'll be paying more for the privilege - but that screen size is important to a lot of people.Read the review: iPhone 6SSony Xperia Z5 CompactSo it's not the iPhone you're after - it's the power in the smaller package. Well, if you're into the Android ecosystem, we recommend the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.It's got nearly all the same impressive innards as the Z5 'normal' - a 720p screen aside - which means you can take superb photos and still get the same amount of whizz under your finger.It's a little older - no more so than the iPhone 6S though - but it's the only option here that's waterproof.Read the review: Sony Xperia Z5 CompactiPhone 5SOK, we get it. You want the iPhone, but you want the smaller size. The issue you've got is with the higher price. Well, in that case maybe you should look at the iPhone 5S - still on sale in many places despite being launched in 2013.It's got the same chassis and screen technology as the SE, but it's in the speed and battery life areas that this phone will struggle - then again, if you're not revving it with loads of apps or relying on it to entertain you all day then you'll probably be OK.Best to buy it SIM free though - this thing might not be supported by Apple in a couple of years.Read the review: iPhone 5SSamsung Galaxy S7This phone doesn't fit into any of the categories above: it's not an iPhone, it's not a small phone and it's not cheap. But it is one of the very best handsets around at the moment, with a superb camera, loads of power and the ability to charge on any wireless pad you happen to have lying around.The design is rather neat too, with the back of the phone curving away nicely thanks to a new '3D thermoforming' process.In actual fact, I think the Galaxy S7 Edge is the better phone, but chose this one as the Edge is an even bigger device - it's worth checking out though.Read the review: Samsung Galaxy S7

    3 år sedan
  • Bästa lilla telefonen
    Apple iPhone SE


    • Huvudkameran
    • Kraftfull processor
    • Gedigen konstruktion
    • Stort tillbehörsutbud


    • Lågupplöst skärm
    • Inget microSD-kortstöd
    • Medelmåttig batteritid
    • Dålig selfiekamera


    iPhone SE har ett tre år gammalt yttre men ett
    sprillans nytt inre och går emot branschens
    utveckling genom att erbjuda en bra och modern
    smartphone i ett litet format. Den lider
    visserligen av en lågupplöst skärm och en
    dålig frontmonterad kamera men erbjuder samtidigt
    en huvudkamera i världsklass och ett riktigt
    kraftfullt inre. iPhone SE är därför ett bra
    val för dig som vill ha en bra smartphone som
    inte är så stor som många andra telefoner på
    marknaden i dag.

    4 år sedan
  • Apple iPhone SE review

    Conclusion The SE is what many iPhone fans have been asking for, and it's a great upgrade if you're still using an iPhone 5. For 5S owners, things aren't quite as clear cut. If you're not happy with the 5S's performance, the SE should solve that problem. However, unless you really want to shoot 4K videos, you're not going to notice a massive improvement in photo quality. There's a much bigger jump in quality if you're coming from an iPhone 5 (or earlier), however. In 2017 the SE might be more expensive but Apple has doubled the storage making it a more attractive buy.

  • Apple iPhone SE review


      Great performance, premium design, latest version of iOS, decent display, surprisingly good battery life, market-leading camera.


      Poor front-facing camera, 16GB storage option

    ConclusionThe iPhone SE may be small, but it's proved to be one of Apple's most powerful handsets. The 4in screen will be too big a down-size for many, but those in the market for a pint-sized, affordable smartphone will struggle to find anything better.

  • iPhone SE review: It’s a pocket-size powerhouse


    • Easier to hold and use one-handed
    • Great camera


    • No 3D Touch

    ConclusionFor anyone who's been holding out for a smaller iPhone, the 4-inch iPhone SE is worth the wait.

  • Inget betyg
    Apple iPhone SE review: Great things can come in small packages


    • Small size will suit a certain audience
    • Feature set means plenty of power
    • Accessible price point


    • Not a new design
    • Small size won't be for all - can feel crammed on screen
    • No 3D Touch
    • 1.2MP front camera
    • No MIMO Wi-Fi

    Conclusion The iPhone SE is a great smartphone that brings plenty of power in a small package. It's designed to appeal to those who aren't fussed by today's typically large flagship phones.If you don't want a larger iPhone then the SE is a no-brainer. It's faster in every aspect and delivers a phone that will feel familiar but deliver the goods at today's current top-spec level.While iPhone 6S and later users are likely to turn their noses up at the SE, during our review time we've really enjoyed the liberating dinkiness of the SE. As far as shortcomings go, the SE lacks some of the top top spec features from newer iPhones, while the front-facing camera isn't particularly good. Plus, and it almost goes without saying, that 4-inch screen isn't going to suit everyone.Bigger is normally always better, but sometimes great things come in small packages too.