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Sanyo PLV-Z700

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  • Sanyo PLV-Z700

    Superb performance-per-pound value ensures this should be on any budget projector shortlist

    10 år sedan
  • Performance: 4/5
    Value: 4/5

    Low Points:

    • The Sanyo PLV-Z700 is a phenomenal projector in many ways and one that most consumers would be happy to own, but there are a few issues that keep it from being mistaken for a reference-grade projector. For starters, the lack of digital keystone correction made fine-tuning the framing of the image a bit tricky. I know digital keystone correction does degrade the image slightly, but it's a feature that is convenient, found on nearly all projectors and should be present on the PLV-Z700.

    The Sanyo PLV-Z700 HDTV LCD projector is a benchmark product for consumers looking to get into the front-projection game on a budget. Packed with features and one of the most brilliant and colorful pictures you're going to find this side of $5,000, the PLV-Z700 is a David among Goliaths. While not as resolute as some others in some facets of its performance, the PLV-Z700 more than makes up for this with its sub-$2,000 asking price and ease of use, which only adds to the day-to-day enjoyment of this fine projector. Before you go off spending your hard-earned money on sexy packaging or marketing terms the competition will use to sway you, I strongly suggest you take a close look at the Sanyo PLV-Z700.

    10 år sedan
  • Sanyo PLV-Z700 Projector Review

    Last year we said the PLV-Z2000 was the most attractive home theater projector Sanyo had ever built. The newly released Sanyo PLV-Z700, the company's latest 1080p projector, uses the same design as the Z2000, with identical casework, color, and connection panel. Other than the model number sticker, you can't tell the difference between them from the outside.

    10 år sedan