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Sony Bravia KD-65XD9305

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  • Sony KD-65XD9305


    • Gorgeous slim design
    • Pictures often look incredible
    • YouView works well


    • Some backlight issues during dark HDR scenes
    • Horrible remote control
    • Average sonics

    2 år sedan
  • Sony Bravia KD-65XD9305 4K HDR TV review


    • Pictures often look exquisite
    • Incredible super-slim design
    • Lots of app choice
    • Built-in YouView works well


    • Android TV can frustrate
    • Average sound quality
    • Some backlight blocking issues
    • Horrible remote control

    There were plenty of times during my time with the 65XD9305 where I found myself staring in awe at its HDR 4K pictures. The combination of contrast, colour and detail adds up to pictures of almost magical cinematic beauty. To some extent, though, this just makes the wrench you feel when the beauty is disrupted by obvious backlight blocking problems all the more distracting.There's no doubt that Sony's new backlight system has potential once Sony irons out its current wrinkles. For now, though, its issues with dark HDR scenes are, sadly, just troubling enough to prevent me from being able to give this often stunning TV an unqualified recommendation.

    4 år sedan
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    Sony KD-65XD9305

    The Sony XD93 is intended as a replacement for both the fateful X90C and the more impressive X93C from 2015. There's not a single shred of doubt that the KD65XD9305's image quality is head and shoulders above the X9005C, thanks largely to the use of VA-type LCD panel (which renders significantly deeper blacks) instead of IPS. Compared with the X9305C though, the situation is less clear-cut. On the plus side, the XD9305's native black level and motion are slightly better, Android TV is more responsive and stable (we experienced very few occurrences of freezing and no crashes throughout our review period), footprint is smaller, and it holds the current record for the highest number of dimmable zones of any edge-lit LED television. The display also supports HDR10 open-source standard out of the box, with accurate PQ tonemapping (from 4K Blu-ray) and a peak brightness surpassing 1000 nits. In the Japanese TV maker's pursuit of ultra-slim aesthetics however, backlight uniformity seemed to have taken a hit: our 65XD9305 review sample suffered from flashlighting from all four corners of the screen, although there's always a chance that other units in the wild may fare better. Twitch gamers will also be disappointed to learn that input lag has increased by 16ms (i.e. one frame) from last year's Sony Bravia Ultra HD models. At the end of the day, the Sony KD-65XD9305 is a 4K HDR stunner: contrast and colours came to life with an intensity that's never been seen before in home cinemas, with the UHDTV effortlessly nailing the breathtaking detail and nuanced gradations of the new format. The Sony 65XD93 is proof that you don't really need a UHD Premium-certified display to get a first-rate high dynamic range viewing experience from Ultra HD Blu-rays.

    4 år sedan