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Popcorn Hour A-110

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  • PC

    One of Syabas Technology's "networked media tanks," the Popcorn Hour A-110 is designed and built for those comfortable with technology. Thanks to third-party applications and regular firmware updates, this media streamer's feature set is constantly expanding.

    12 år sedan
  • Features: 8
    Performance: 10
    Ease of use: 10
    Value for money: 8
    Overall: 10

    12 år sedan
  • If youre looking for an alternative to the Apple TV  one that offers more features  around the same price, then the NMT A-110 is definitely one to check out. In other words, the NMT A-110 is one of the best stand-alone media center boxes for the price ($215) and is now available to pre-order in the Popcorn Hour website. But if youre an iTunes user with more than enough media to drown in, perhaps youd better consider something else.

    13 år sedan
  • We like: Picture quality; sound quality; connection options; flexibility; user interface; ability to play 1080p
    We don't like: It's not that easy to get in the UK; no Wi-Fi

    What we think: The A-110 doesn't represent a massive leap forward from the A-100, but every change is worthwhile and adds to the overall package

    13 år sedan
  • Popcorn Hour A-110


    • Picture quality; sound quality; connection options; flexibility; user interface; ability to play 1080p.


    • It's not that easy to get in the UK; no Wi-Fi.

    The A-110 is a decent improvement over the original A-100, with a few useful features that will be attractive to some. The price increase is quite significant, but if you must have HDMI 1.3, DTS decode and SATA support, you'll think it worthwhile

    13 år sedan
  • Popcorn Hour A-110 1TB review

    If you’re a rip-monger or a download fiend the Popcorn Hour is a fine media streamer – if you don’t mind slightly lacklustre sound

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    DigitalReviews Network

    The Popcorn Hour units are strong performers and as a range of products are both well priced and feature packed. We really like the old A-100 and while the A-110 is technically superior, the units are both really tailored to two slightly different but entirely similar requirements.If you need DTS decoding and SATA support the A-110 with its other enhancements is the way to go. On the other hand, if you have an old IDE drive lying around and have a DTS equipped amplifier and have little interest for HD audio decoding the A-100 makes more sense. For some, the choice may come down to the type of digital audio interface provided or the availability of what type of old hard drive lying around - For the record, we are sticking to our original 2.5" drive only recommendation. Either way, you are going to get high quality video playback in a neat box. The B-110 on the other hand is a harder device to sell. It is designed to appeal to the modders who will go out and buy their own power supplies and cases and build a system to their specifications. If you enjoy doing this and you like the Popcorn Hour, then this is the choice for you - And we really like the fact that it has both coaxial and TOSLINK digital audio outputs. The problem with the B-110, however, is that we can’t help but think that those who would prefer to build their own might want to go for something a little more powerful and therefore customizable - think web browsers, etc. On top of this, with even average Mini-ITX cases costing somewhere in the vicinity of $200US, the cost of building your own quickly becomes an expensive venture. The other sticking point with the B-110 is its unrepresentative 7.1 RCA output ports. In the “Baseline” edition of this variant, these eight ports are deactivated which leaves the overall difference between this and the two enclosed units to amount to form factor, increased hard drive options and dual digital audio outputs. And in the negative, of course, the B-110 has no case.

    13 år sedan
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    11 år sedan